Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We've had so much to be thankful for this year, particularly our new addition, Jane. We were able to celebrate with our families this past week up in Northern Virginia. First we headed up to Chris' house and spent a couple days relaxing. Lots of the family wanted to snuggle Jane.

 We kicked field-goals there, and took the girls to Burke Lake Park, as well.

On Thanksgiving day, we drove to visit my family. My family celebrated on Friday so that we could be included - thank you for accommodating us! We kicked field-goals there, too. After warming up the day before, Chris was able to hit a 41 yarder and I was able to hit a 15 yarder. Eleanor attempted to kick and though she didn't have any success, she had fun. 

Dinner was wonderful, as always, and we had lots of time to sit around together and relax over breakfast, lunch, games, etc.

While we were in Leesburg, we walked around to see a big Christmas tree and ended up playing glow golf. It was a lot of fun!

We ended up heading back at bedtime on Saturday night. I am going back to work this week and we needed a day to get organized for that. We had such a great time, and have so much to be thankful for - our family, our community, our jobs, and a wonderful place to live top my list. Now onward to Christmas…

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall babies

While I was pregnant with Jane, I had a couple friends who were also pregnant and due around the same time. In fact, there were four of us that were due within 9 weeks of each other, so it made for a very busy fall! It was so nice to have other moms pregnant at the same time - we could commiserate and take turns chasing each others' children when we weren't having a great day. Because of their birthdays though, some of them will be in different grades once school starts, which it just crazy to think about because they are so close in age. We ended up having two boys and two girls between us, and on a random Tuesday morning got all the babies together for a picture after the last of the four was born - something we had talked about trying to do while we were still pregnant. There are lots of other babies in the group, but they are a few months older or not yet born - our community here is expanding quickly!

11 weeks, 8 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 weeks, in that order! Jane is the baby in red (in case you can't tell!) and looks so big compared to the two on her right.

A picture of the babies with their older siblings:

And then just the older siblings:

It was a short but chaotic get together, but well worth it to get those cute babies in a picture!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Basketball season has begun

Last week was Tribe Basketball's home season opener. We love Tribe basketball - Chris because he used to play, me because it gets me out of the house in the winter, and Eleanor because she has friends there. Eleanor surprised me last week though; she was totally into the game (in between running around with her friends). She stood on her chair and clapped, started putting her hands up in the air and swooshing them down for free throws, and yelled "Go Tribe" over and over again. We sit across from the student section, so she was basically copying what they did. It was also Jane's first basketball game, and she, too, did well, but of course had no idea what was going on.

Miss Jenni, one of the coaches' wives invited Eleanor to come along to the snack stand this year with the big girls and Eleanor came back with a king size Snickers bar. She had suggested popcorn, but Eleanor stuck to her guns and came back with a giant chocolate treat, hah. She then proceeded to eat it length-wise, perhaps the messiest way imaginable (though she surprises me daily with new depths of messiness). 

Anyway, we are looking forward to the season, and the Tribe is currently 3-1, so hopefully it'll be a good one!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jane at two months

Jane is now two months old! She occasionally makes noises like cooing, but this month was marked by lots of crying. Jane seemed to have colic, which was quite a lot to listen to this month. Like her sister, she seems to prefer standing (in our laps) or sitting in the bumbo to lying down on the floor. Also like her sister, she doesn't love tummy time and started rolling over at 30 days old when she got mad enough to kick herself to her back. She learned to smile, and is starting to enjoy the pacifier a bit more, but still doesn't love it. She much prefers to suck on her hands. She eats very well, and is starting to sleep a bit better at night, sometimes waking only once between about 10:30 pm and 7 am (though that is not the norm). She is awake more during the day, but we haven't emerged into any sort of schedule for eating and sleeping yet.

Her two month stats:
 - Length: 22 and 3/4 inches long (67th percentile and 34% of the way to my adult height!)
 - Weight: 11 pounds, 8 ounces (67th percentile)
 - Head circumference: 14.75 inches (17nd percentile) 

Pictures of Jane at two months:

Eleanor at two months for comparison.

Jane at one month old.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Michigan and a friend's wedding

During the first weekend in November, we went up to visit Leesburg. I had a wedding to go to and my mom graciously volunteered to watch the girls. Chris was heading to Michigan for a football game with his high school friends so Lauren and I went together as dates! The wedding was wonderful. It was so gorgeous outside, though a bit cold.I hadn't thought to bring an actual jacket because it had been so warm so far this year. The bride, my best friend from high school, was beautiful.
(Chris in Michigan)

(Jane spit up on me right after this)

Back at home, Jane gave my mom and dad a bit of a run for their money. Because she has been colicky, she did a little bit of crying, unfortunately. Otherwise, they had a great time together!
(Lots of these pics are from my mom, as I was at the wedding!)

We all had a great time together hanging out for the weekend.

Thanks Grandma and Shug for a night out without the girls!