Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Busch Gardens

Eleanor and I have started exploring Busch Gardens this month. So far she has not been the biggest fan, but we've been working on it slowly but surely. Both times we've gone so far, this is what she looks like as we enter the parking lot:

There are lots of rides for people her size, but she doesn't seem to be as adventurous as she was just a month or two ago. We'll have to see how the summer progresses. One of the rides she is scared of but then enjoys once she is on is called Elmo's Spire. It's basically a drop tower that bounces instead of having sudden drops.

She also is scared of the Clydesdales before she gets on them and then loves it when she's on them.

She is not a fan of the ladybug coaster. I think it's a little to jerky for her.

Another not so favorite was a spinning ride called Oscar's Whirly Worms.

Perhaps her favorite part of the park though so far was meeting Elmo. She loved Elmo and then even went to hug a picture of Ernie after meeting him.

She also loves anything to do with the "choo choo train."

They've got lots of little climbing areas for her to play in, which she seems to enjoy more than any of the rides so far.

And they've got a little splash area in the Sesame Forest that she has not been a very huge fan of, much to my surprise!

Overall, I think it's just taking her some time to get used to everything, but I'm hoping she will get a bit braver as the summer progresses.

Either way, this is how she looks every time we leave the park:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The return of Croc Lagoon

Spring in these parts has quickly morphed into summer. The number of days with highs over 85 degrees seem to be outnumbering those below that. While I love summer, 85 degrees is hot, and above that is somewhat unbearable in these parts. We pulled Eleanor's baby pool, Croc Lagoon, back out for the summer and we have been "plashing" in it almost every day since. Eleanor seemed to have more fun "helping" me blow it up though than actually playing in it. I'm not sure what the deal is, but she seems to like water in concept this year, but not as much in practice.

That's not to say she hasn't been getting in the pool, but she hasn't been sitting down in it. She mostly stands at the edge and splashes. I hope she starts loving the water more and more before we head to the beach in a couple months!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Strawberry picking

We went strawberry picking the other weekend - the earliest day in the season I could find for picking. The last several years I have missed strawberry picking season altogether because I either looked too late in the spring, or I just wasn't available due to other commitments. This year I made it a priority to go early in the season. We had a blast. Eleanor had fun on the ferry ride over playing with friends.

She also did really well listening and picking only the red berries. She mostly enjoyed carrying the basket until it got too heavy, and then eating strawberries after she realized she was allowed to do so.

We stopped and got homemade strawberry ice cream after we picked berries, which Eleanor hijacked from me.

Overall we had a great day for picking and had a great time together and with friends.

And a final picture of my two monkeys on the ferry ride home :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Our internet has been out since Sunday, so I am posting from my phone today. As it stands, our provider was supposed to come out between ten and noon and here I am at 1:30pm still waiting....boo!

On a much more pleasing note, last weekend was Mother's Day! Chris and Eleanor made me strawberry scones (we went strawberry picking the day before) and showered me with gifts! I got a new water bottle that Eleanor can't spill if I accidentally leave it unattended and Chris put together a collage of pictures of our girl since my last Mother's Day. Such a wonderful day! 

We went to church, spent a bit of time outside (doing yardwork), and then had about 30 people, including children, over for dinner. Chris manned the grill and everyone else sat back and let the chaos ensue. It was a last minute get together so we were thrilled a lot of people could make it! We had to borrow chairs and a cooler from our excellent neighbors but everyone seemed not to care whether they were standing or on a folding chair. It was really an excellent way to wrap up the weekend and celebrate some of the "mothers, future mothers, and women who have mothers" (in the words of a friend) among our friends.

Also, a very happy Mother's Day to our mothers! Thank you moms for being you, for being role models, care providers, excellent grandmothers to Eleanor, and for all the sacrifices seen and unseen that you've made as mothers to get us to this point. We love you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April wrap-up

This past month was kind of a blur! I was very busy with work, as was Chris. He was also wrapping up yet another class in this marathon degree (hopefully just one more year left..!). We enjoyed the outdoors when it wasn't raining pollen or actual rain. Our deck is still covered in yellow which needs to be remedied soon, but the overall we had a good month.

Because the weather has been a little bit nicer, I painted my toenails in anticipation of wearing flip flops soon. Eleanor was completely mesmerized and asked for her toes to be painted, too. She sat extremely still and we painted Eleanor's toenails for the first time this month.

We went out to ice cream with some friends one night and everyone brought dogs and kids. The girls ran around outside and everyone had a great time at our impromptu hang out.

Eleanor has spent lots of time at the park this month. She loves going and meets new friends there all the time.

Eleanor and Hannah started a new rap group called Two Pink Tees and have been laying tracks ever since....just kidding :)

We went to the birthday party of one of Eleanor's friends and Eleanor insisted on walking and carrying her present the entire way. She enjoyed playing with the new toys and hanging out with her friends.

On the way back from a baby shower for a friend, Chris' car engine overheated and I had to pull off to the side of the road and have Chris come out to rescue me with water for the radiator. It was quite a bummer! The car seems to be functioning fine now...we'll see soon though as we have to get both cars inspected again this month!

Eleanor has been much more insistent about what she wears everyday. For example, the other day she wanted like 6 bows in her hair and would not go outside without all of them. Unfortunately some of the things she's been insisting on lately aren't as benign as bows, so she's definitely starting to enter the tantrum phase.

Eleanor started playing "hockey golf" with Chris in the backyard. We have little foam golf balls but no golf club for Eleanor so she uses her hockey stick instead and it works just as well.

Eleanor has also been more curious about what's inside of things, so she often empties her diaper bag and my purse onto the floor. Here she is after emptying my work bag, playing with my stethoscope.

We went out to Plaza Azteca, a Mexican restaurant in the area, to celebrate the success of One Tribe, One Day and Eleanor housed some salsa.

The potty is always a source of fascination with Eleanor. Neither she nor I am ready for potty training, but she is loving sitting on her potty. Neither of these pictures are staged, but here is Eleanor reading a paper, and playing on a borrowed Leap Frog computer on the potty.

Early in the month, Eleanor took a spill on the bridge in our front yard and cut up the inside of her mouth, scraped up the outside a little, and gave herself a fat lip. It was a little bloody and unfortunate, but she dealt with it fairly well. Related to mouth issues, she has also been teething her canines this month. Three have already broken through and one is just below the surface. She is extra clingy and whiny while she is teething, but overall she has been very good humored. I am impressed because I hear these teeth are some of the worst.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Williamsburg Craft Beer Fest

Last weekend we went to the Williamsburg Craft Beer Fest in town. Chris' mom, brother, and sister all came, too, and I met up a little late after Eleanor took her "nap." Actually, Eleanor played in her crib and read books for about an hour and a half before standing up and announcing she was done with her nap. Then she promptly fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute drive. Oh well!

Everyone had a good time - it was in the 60's out, but the sun was shining and it felt much hotter! I actually kept having to jump into the shade for a few minutes to cool off.

Afterwards we walked around CW. Eleanor played with her aunt and uncle and "Gaby." We all had lunch at The Cheese Shop, and Eleanor fed a duck while we ate with some spare bread.

When we got home, we had to say goodbye to everyone. Eleanor was so bummed that she chased Auntie Erika's car all the way down the street.