Monday, November 19, 2018

Soccer is over

Soccer is over for the year as of last week. Eleanor had her last practice and they ended the year with a medal and end of year carnival with pizza and inflatables. She had a lot of fun playing this year (though missed the middle of the season secondary to her broken arm) and understood the game a little better than before. 

Now she's still having a blast playing in the yard.

And we're doing all we can to contain Rosie now that she's on the move, though it doesn't always work out.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ben and Rosie's birthdays

We celebrated Ben and Rosie's birthdays last Friday when they turned ONE!

This past year has been challenging but also very rewarding. Chris and I rewarded ourselves for surviving a year with four kids four and under by not throwing a birthday party. We let the babies do their birthday string that morning and then we had cake that night.

Both babies reacted to the cake differently!

At first, Ben wasn't really into the cake, but after he tasted it, he loooved it.

Rosie liked the cake a lot at first but then seemed to be over it and lost interest.

But they both definitely enjoyed it :)

 And, of course, they both had to take baths afterwards.

Happy birthday, Ben!
Happy birthday, Rosie!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Stuff the kids are doing

Ben loves to throw stuff - he throws toys, balls, anything you put in his hands, and he can throw pretty far!

Ben also recently learned how to say no or "uh uh" and shake his head. It's super cute!

Rosie's baths have gotten a little out of control. The second I set her down, she just starts splashing as hard as she can until eventually almost all the water is gone and the kitchen is flooded.

Jane also picked up "Eenie, meenie, mynie, mo" from Eleanor, but says "Meenie, meenie, mynie, mo. Touch a tiger by its toe. Awesome holler, let it go. Meenie, meenie, mynie, mo." She's so cute!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Rosie is ONE!

Rosie is one year old today! I'll update this post with her length and weight after her doctor appointment next week. Rosie really grew in skills this past month! She learned to crawl, and though she is still slow, she can be found all over the house getting into trouble these days. We've found her under the table munching on dropped food, at the book shelf having pulled all the books off the bottom shelf, and rapidly moving toward the open door to the garage to launch herself down the stairs (we got to her before she made it). She can also pull up onto her knees. She still only has two teeth, and takes two naps a day. She goes to sleep easily, but continues to wake up around 6 every morning regardless of when she goes to bed (and this past week even earlier - thanks Daylight Savings!), at least an hour and a half to two hours before her brother. She loves the ring tower and loves to be held. She grabs tightly to whoever picks her up, and while she hasn't quite gotten over her stranger anxiety, she is improving. She can sign "milk," "all done," and "more." She also learned to wave this month! She continues to babble but doesn't have much in the way of actual words yet. Rosie also still loves to dance and loves to swing. I am so happy our sweet girl is one year old now, and I truly can't believe we've made it this far already!

Rosie at one, twothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten, and eleven months old.

Ben and Rosie:

All the kids at one year:

Eleanor at one year old.
Jane at one year old.
Ben at one year old.

Ben is ONE!

Ben is one year old today! I will update this post with his length and weight after his appointment next week. Our sweet boy learned some new tricks and improved on a few old ones this month. He started shaking his head back and forth and saying "uh uh." I don't think he knows exactly what he's doing, but it sure is cute! Ben also loves to throw things. Every time he picks up a toy, he throws it and has someone hand it back to him and then throws it again. Ben now has three teeth (bottom middle two and his top right incisor just broke through this week!) and three more on the way (top middles and left incisor). He sometimes takes two naps a day, and sometimes one. I think he is transitioning to one, but occasionally he just takes two shorter ones to stay on Rosie's schedule. Ben loves singing and seems to try to join in whenever someone nearby is singing. He also continues to babble more than his sister, even saying "da da," "ma ma," and other sounds. He can sign "milk," and "all done." Ben's hair is starting to come in. It's blonde (unlike the girls', though Jane's particularly has become quite blonde), and I believe it may have some curl to it...time will tell! He also has been transitioning a little bit better to pull/push into different positions. I think he will be able to start crawling in a month or two. He learned to wave this month and loves to wave bye to people. Ben loves food. He eats everything and demands food at every opportunity! He has gotten so much bigger this last month! He also loves to swing. I can't believe this sweet boy is already one, and am so happy that he is such a happy little guy.

Ben at onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten, and eleven months old.

Ben and Rosie:

All the kids at one year:

Eleanor at one year old.
Jane at one year old.
Rosie at one year old.