Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leesburg after surgery

After Jane's surgery on Wednesday, Eleanor, Jane, and I headed up to Leesburg to be with my mom because she had surgery on her arm scheduled for Thursday. We helped her get ready for surgery and made dinner for a couple nights while she was at the hospital. 

We tried to be as helpful and unobtrusive as a 3 and 1 year old could be. We were glad we were able to come up and be supportive and helpful for a few days during her surgery and recovery. The furthest we made it from the house was to the local park, but we were able to meet up with Shug once, too while we were there!

The rest of the time we just spent at the house either eating (blueberry pancakes for breakfast), or playing (on the rocking horse, with the xylophone, etc.).

Eleanor even put on a nice little percussion show for us...

My mom's friend Dave treated us to Halloween cupcakes one night, which was a huge hit with Eleanor.

By the weekend though I was completely beat. The first half of the week had been very stressful for me prepping for Jane's surgery and dealing with finding last minute care for Eleanor that spanned odd hours where most people are still sleeping, and the second half the week was just very physically and mentally draining making sure both of my post-op patients were comfortable, fed, and well cared for without Chris as my back-up. As soon as I got back to Williamsburg, I dumped the girls on Chris and slept for a long time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jane's surgery

Last week Jane had to have surgery and though the issue was a minor one, the surgery wasn't as minor. She had to be intubated under general anesthesia, which was of course nerve-wracking for me. Originally, my mom was going to come down and watch Eleanor because the last thing I wanted was to be worrying about her when I should be focused on Jane, but last minute, she broke her arm and was an able to come down. After much distress on Monday and Tuesday, Auntie Erika was able to rearrange her entire schedule to come down and help us. This was seriously a godsend, as we needed someone very early in the morning and on a sort of open-ended basis because we didn't know when we'd be back. Thank you, thank you Erika! She even came up with some fun crafts for Eleanor to do while she was here.

We left Eleanor and Erika early in the morning and headed up to Richmond where Jane's doctor is.

Surprisingly, Jane had surgery on the same floor I used to work at when I was in school in Richmond five years ago!

She was super fussy in the morning because she was unable to eat, but the anesthesiologist gave her a little "calm down" medicine and sweet Jane was definitely "happy" after that. The nurse even brought her a little car to play it while she waited.

They ended up taking Jane early to the OR which was good because her surgery ended up taking about 20 minutes longer then they had initially scheduled it for. This was, of course, super stressful for me while we waited in the waiting room for news. Here Jane heads off with her CRNA "Mimi"

In the end, everything went just fine.

Our only negative part of the whole experience was that Jane had a nasty emotional reaction to the anesthesia. She basically cried inconsolably much of the day which was very frustrating and draining. By the second day though, the only complaint she seemed to have was a sore throat from the intubation and our sweet Jane was back to her normal self personality-wise besides being a little clingy and needing a little extra attention. We are very thankful to the VCU medical team for a good experience.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eleanor's first trip to the dentist

Earlier this week, Eleanor experienced her first dentist appointment. I had taken her with me last week to watch my appointment so she'd have an idea of what to expect, and they ended up having an opening a couple days later. She did awesome! She kept her mouth open the whole time and let them count, polish, floss, and fluoride her teeth. They gave her some sunglasses to wear to block the light and gave her a princess toothbrush and Olaf toothpaste when she left. They also let her pick out some prizes from a treasure chest and she is very proud of her bouncy ball and ring.

She did want to know why they put a big napkin on her.

Afterwards she said, "I'm so proud of me!"

Monday, October 17, 2016

W&M Homecoming 2016

Last weekend was Homecoming weekend for William & Mary. On Friday we went to the parade. Jane absolutely loved it but kept trying to crawl out into the road to be part of it. Eleanor was just happy people gave her lollipops. Afterwards we had a picnic near the Sunken Gardens and then went to Chris' Class Ambassador/Reunion tent that he was working at that evening.

On Saturday we went to the basketball scrimmage in the morning with plans to head home and then come back for the football game after naps but we ended up running into some friends that we hadn't seen in awhile (though we ran into them randomly at Water Country once this summer, too!) and ended up staying through lunch and nap time for the game. Jane did pass out in the stroller, which is quite notable for her.

We had lunch at one of the tents in the Sunken Gardens and then went to a Homecoming tailgate where Eleanor got some cotton candy and got to bounce on some inflatables.

Then we headed over to the football game. At this point, both my girls were pretty tired and wired (from sugar), so the football game wasn't super successful. We mostly hung out around the track and in the grass playing with other random friends we ran into. Eleanor sustained an injury and then told everyone who would listen that she was "bweedin'!" (bleeding)

We left the game early but were happy to hear the Tribe made a huge comeback and ended up winning. Happy Homecoming!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jane's faces

Once a week Eleanor goes to Mom's Morning Out and I get a couple hours alone with sweet Jane. Sometimes we run errands and sometimes we just play. The many faces of Jane...