Thursday, April 25, 2019


Happy Easter! We hope you were able to celebrate Jesus' resurrection this weekend. He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

We did an egg hunt with our neighborhood at the park on Saturday afternoon. Chris stayed home while the babies napped and I took Eleanor and Jane over. Jane was supposed to head into the tennis courts to hunt with the other 1-3 year olds but missed the memo and started hunting with the 8 and overs. I believe there were over 600 eggs hidden!

The kids also got to decorate cookies and draw bunnies blindfolded.

That afternoon we went over to a friend's house to help her mulch and Ben got dirty. He crawled into there himself.

We went from there to the little playground near her house, where Ben got dirtier and ate sand.

We went to church Easter morning after the girls found their baskets.

And then went to a friend's house for lunch, and another egg hunt!

We had a great time just relaxing and playing.

We ended up taking a bike ride in our neighborhood when we got home that afternoon.

Happy Easter from these Easter bunnies!

Monday, April 22, 2019

CW and Jamestown Settlement with family

Well we said goodbye to everyone after the wedding on Sunday evening because we weren't sure if we would see everyone again, but we ended up spending Monday with everyone! We met most of the family in the morning in Colonial Williamsburg to take a walk around.

That afternoon I ended up pulling Eleanor out of school to do an impromptu field trip to Jamestown Settlement. We had been once before, but not in quite awhile and her "cousins" were going (Chris' cousins, but we call them our cousins). Eleanor and Jane had an amazing time.

They used shells to scratch the fur off of a hide.

They played corn cob games and walked through an "indian" village.

They got to climb aboard the Godspeed and Susan Constant that took the settlers to Jamestown originally.

They explored the fort and houses where the settlers settled (all replicas, of course).

They played more games, and tried on some armor.

And Eleanor flew the kite she made at school the whole time.

We then went to Kidsburg to decompress before dinner!

The next morning Eleanor wrote a "nonfiction report" about what she learned at Jamestown that got hung up on the "Wow Wall" in her classroom.

The translation: "I see things and learn things. I learned that 54 people slept on the deck. I saw huts. And for the 115 days they threw up on the Mayflower. And they had to go potty - what did they do? They peed in a bucket. Isn't that funny! But I only got to go on the Susan Constant and the Godspeed. But I learned that the Mayflower took them to Massachusetts."

Pretty good for her first "report!"

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rob & Mollie's wedding!

Last weekend, Chris' brother Robert got married to a Williamsburg native - Mollie! It was such a joyous occasion. We were very busy with flower girls, Chris was the best man, and I was reading, but it was all worth it and so much fun. We are so happy and thankful to welcome Mollie into the family.

There were festivities for several days! On Thursday we had family over for a cookout to relax and catch up. Here is a picture of the OG five:

There was a bridal luncheon Friday morning...

And after the rehearsal that afternoon...

Was the rehearsal dinner!

Saturday morning the girls got their hair done.

And then we headed home to get ready for the wedding!

My mom came down to help us, and thank goodness! Because both Jane and Rosie had meltdowns in the middle of the ceremony and had to be escorted out.

The ceremony was wonderful, though!

We took lots of pictures including family ones...

And one of all the multiples in the family - including a set of triplets and four sets of twins.

And after the ceremony, my mom took the twins home and we headed out to the reception.
(You can see Eleanor's unicorn/rainbow Converse high tops with rainbow laces peeking out beneath her dress here.)

The reception (at Burlington Plantation) was a lot of fun.

The girls danced all night until my mom picked them up at 9. They were exhausted but had a great time!

The speeches from the Matron of Honor and Best Man were wonderful and heart felt.

And everyone was exhausted the next day.

We did meet family for a little while to say goodbye though the next evening!

Overall it was an amazing weekend and we had so much fun seeing everyone! Congratulations to Mollie & Robert! We are very happy for you two!