Thursday, July 27, 2017

Twenty weeks with TWO!

We just had our twenty week anatomy scan. The ultrasound tech said that both babies were growing like singletons clocking in at 12 ounces apiece. Baby B weighs 8 grams more than A, which is negligible. If we have a natural delivery, Baby A will obviously come out first - his/her head was so low in my pelvis that they practically had to put me upside down to get him/her to move out to look at the head, but if we have a c-section (of which the likelihood is around 75%!), Baby B is more likely to be born first. Both babies were head down during the ultrasound (which doesn't mean too much for the long run at this stage) and looked like they were having a little conference together. As with Eleanor and Jane, we aren't planning on finding out their genders until they join us in November. I think the biggest adjustment has just been thinking that the amount of children we have is about to double. We definitely have our work cut out for us!

Baby B is on the left and Baby A is on the right in this 16 week ultrasound:

And Baby A is on the left and Baby B is on the right in this 20 week ultrasound:

Monday, July 24, 2017

Eleanor and the diving board

Eleanor has been making progress at swimming lessons this summer. The biggest thing for her right now is just getting really comfortable in the water. She learned to put her head under first, and then started opening her eyes under water, jumping in off the sides of the pool, and picking things up off the bottom of the pool. She still isn't actually swimming, but has made great strides this year and I feel like if we are able to continue going swimming consistently (indoor pools during the winter) she will be able to swim soon. It just hasn't clicked yet. Anyway, she got so comfortable last week that she asked to jump off the diving board! The first attempt she made, she ended up standing on the edge of the board for almost a full minute - you can see how nervous she is! Then she jumped off twice more right away and wanted to continue, but Jane was getting upset so we had to call it a day. I am so proud of the progress she has made this summer. She is generally afraid to try something new, but still wants to do it and then almost always loves it (the complete opposite of Jane).

And here's a video of Eleanor on her favorite slide at Water Country, the Little Bopper. She goes down this, swims out, and then runs right back to the top, over and over for an hour until I told her we had to go home for naps the other day!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jane is sick and grandma visits

Little Jane ended up getting sick earlier this month. The sweet thing ended up so exhausted that she was falling asleep all over the house at random times in random positions. Besides the extreme tiredness, a fever, and no appetite for a few days, she actually fared fairly well. We just made sure she was in bed early each night and got adequate nap times during the day. Here are a few pictures of Jane sleeping around the house:

During this week and a half or so of sleepy Jane, my mom came down to visit! She ended up staying for two nights because we told her it was our anniversary the following week and she offered to watch the girls so we could go out to dinner. Grandma and the girls had pizza movie night on the floor and Eleanor got to introduce grandma to the new Beauty and the Beast - her current favorite.

Thanks for coming grandma and we're glad you're feeling better Jane!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Faces on the porch

I know I've said it before, but Eleanor is 100% my child. She has my same spirit, soul, and behaviors, for better or for worse. She is a very challenging, intelligent, and unique, but sweet when she wants to be child. Almost everyone who spends any significant chunk of time with her tends to make some sort of comment to me later about her "personality" or "spirit." Anyway, to me, it's like looking into a much younger mirror. I love this kid, and love the time I get to spend with her. Here is our back porch afternoon from the other day:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nine years

Chris and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week! I'm sure I say it every year, but it seems like it was just yesterday, and it feels like lifetimes ago that we got married. I am so thankful to have such an amazing husband. He works very hard but always makes sure we come first. We've been through a lot in the last nine years and have a lot to navigate this next year of marriage. I love this guy though and I know we can face whatever the world throws our way together.

My mom came down to visit last week and ended up offering to watch the girls one night so we could go out to dinner for our anniversary. We ended up going to the Riverwalk Restaurant in Yorktown off of the York River, and it was delicious! We don't get a ton of time away from the girls together in this particular season of life, so it was a real treat and we had a great time!

Happy Anniversary, Chris! Here's to finishing out the decade strong and to many more years to come!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Gaby visits!

Last weekend Gaby came to visit for the day! She was heading down to Virginia Beach to see her brother and niece and came down a day early to see the girls on her way. Eleanor was so excited because she hadn't seen Gaby since Ashleigh and Jessie's graduation when we traveled to Harrisonburg for the weekend.

Eleanor had field hockey practice that morning, but after lunch and naps, we decided to make an evening trip to Busch Gardens! Eleanor wanted to show Gaby all the rides she likes to go on. They went on Oscar's Whirly Worms, Elmo's Spire, Grover's Alpine Express (FOUR TIMES - clearly Eleanor's favorite), the Scrambler (which Jane insisted on riding and then hated!), the adult swings (while I took Jane on the baby swings), the Battering Ram, and we all rode Le Scoot, the log flume, and the Carousel together.

The next day we headed down to Virginia Beach with Gaby to support Mary Ellen at her softball tournament, though, no surprise, it took me a lot longer to get everyone organized, fed, to the potty, and out the door than I planned and we ended up missing her softball game. We headed to Gaby's hotel to have a picnic and then play in the pool and let the girls skip their naps. 

It's such a nice pool and a blast to play in. Eleanor definitely missed having her "cousins" there though from last year and missed the fact that the dance tournament wasn't in Virginia Beach this year! That night we decided to go to Jessie's boyfriend Henry's parents' restaurant in Chesapeake for dinner. They own a Chinese food restaurant and it was delicious! It was also nice to meet and spend a few minutes with his parents (though I think we met them briefly at the twins' graduation in May). 

We headed home that night, our second late night in a row, which we are now paying for because poor Jane got sick after two late nights and a skipped nap :( We still had a blast though and it's always worth it to spend time with the grandparents! Thanks for visiting, Gaby!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July! We had a great long weekend celebrating beginning with a small group get together on Sunday evening. Eleanor has been bummed that our small group doesn't meet regularly throughout the summer, so she had been anticipating this for awhile. We played in baby pools in the driveway when we got there, and then grilled together for dinner that night. Afterward, the kids had a movie night in the basement (Moana) while the adults hung out upstairs. 

We went to Water Country over the weekend and though it was a bit crowded, we enjoyed swimming and doing some of the slides.

We've been taking care of our neighbors' chickens while they're out of town this week, which Eleanor has been loving. She has helped get their water and food, let them out of the coop in the morning and shut them back in at night and she helps their fish. What is more patriotic than feeding fish and taking care of chickens in your "American Flag zucchini" (aka bikini) as Eleanor calls it?

Eleanor also caught her first firefly this weekend. I realized this child has been severely deprived when we got home late one night, ran out to take care of the chickens, and she was in awe of the bugs that light up. She says she never remembered seeing one before so she caught one and kept it overnight.

On the actual 4th of July, our friends invited us over to grill for dinner. Jane hadn't been feeling very well so she wasn't much fun, but Eleanor had a great time, especially doing sparklers!

This was about the best picture I could get of the two girls together in their matching dresses because Jane was clinging to Chris the whole time and did not want to pose for a picture.

We considered taking the girls down to Colonial Williamsburg for fireworks and ended up going for it even though Jane wasn't at her best. Eleanor really enjoyed it, so I'm glad we went, but Jane was trying to fall asleep the whole time and was just really tired. We hadn't been to the CW fireworks for the Fourth since the summer I was pregnant with Eleanor so it was a treat! We try to always make it down for Grand Illumination in December since they're so much earlier, which makes it much easier with kids.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July!!