Monday, January 22, 2018


I've been pretty impressed that every year we've lived in Williamsburg we've gotten at least one decent snowfall. This place does not have a reputation for snow being on a peninsula near the coast. I am so grateful though! It gets pretty cold in the winter and I love having snow when it's so cold. It's been a lot harder this year to get out in it with two babies. One seemed hard enough to keep warm when they're impossible to bundle, but two is really a challenge.

The night before it snowed, school had already been cancelled for the following day and Eleanor's teachers told her to wear her pajamas inside out, which she did. She also did this for the rest of the week.

The first day, while it was snowing, Chris went out to shovel the driveway and of course the girls wanted to join. They ended up shoveling using a shovel for the fireplace and a dust pan, hah! Then they built a fort! We got almost 8 inches of snow total.
Our neighbors had a bonfire two days in a row and we ended up burning our Christmas tree that afternoon.

Jane was not at all a fan of the snow that first day and cried almost every time it touched her boot. "Wipe it off! Wipe it off!" She kept insisting on going outside in it though, which was quite frustrating. We finally put her in a carrier, and honestly, it didn't help much.

The day after the snow fell, we went sledding at our local hill (which Eleanor calls "the nut hill" because someone once said, "that hill is nuts") and Eleanor ended up in our local paper, the Virginia Gazette! The first picture is from the paper by Jimmy LaRoue and the rest are just pictures from Chris' phone. The twins even came with us though they got pulled out and back on a sled and stayed snuggled into their car seats the entire time. Jane only went down two or three times before she decided she was done.
(Photo above by Jimmy LaRoue)

Overall we spent a ton of time in pajamas inside. We made waffles one morning and ate them with whipped cream. Thanks for the waffle maker Jessie!

The next day we went to our friends' house to sled. It was easier because we could leave the babies inside. Jane actually started coming around to the snow at this point and had a great time!

As much fun as we had, I'm looking forward to when we don't have babies to bundle and everyone can walk!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cooped up

Well so far the month of January has been spent mostly indoors. We had a snow storm (almost 8") and the public schools closed for 5 days - Thursday through the following Wednesday. We got outside a few times in that, but with the babies being so small and hard to bundle, I wasn't able to get out a ton. It was below freezing that entire time so the snow never melted and even though the roads were plowed, they refroze every night because of the temperatures. Then after we finally recovered from the snow, we all (except the twins) came down with a stomach bug for 24 hours. Jane was first, then I got it 48 hours later, and then Eleanor, and then Chris (who only got the fever, not the bug). We finally seem to be on the upswing now, but sometimes I feel like I'm never going to get into any sort of routine with four kids.

Sitting around bundled up:

Ben trying to make an escape out of his swing:

We did get to the library once on our last snow day right before everyone got sick:

But mostly we sat around inside. Here is me with all three of my girls:

I hear we are possibly going to get an inch or two of snow this week, so we'll see if we make it through a week of school!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

School pictures!

Eleanor got her school pictures taken in November, but I didn't want to post them because she wanted to surprise Grandma and Gaby with them for Christmas. So without further adieu, Eleanor's preschool picture:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year, new do - Eleanor's first hair cut!

Well, at almost 4 and 1/2 years old, Eleanor finally got a haircut! I've been trying seriously to get her to let us cut her hair since about this time last year. With my sister's wedding approaching, I really wanted her to have a fresh cut, but she would not have it. Finally, about a year later, she agreed! And it looks so fresh and clean! We took off somewhere between 6-8 inches, and it looks so much healthier! Eleanor actually asked her to cut it much shorter, but I couldn't bear it and was afraid she would be upset afterward if the cut was too drastic. She was so cute right before, "I wonder what it's going to feel like!"


During (the lady had to kneel on the floor and have Eleanor stand because her hair was still too long to cut in the chair with a booster seat):


So far she really likes it and is feeling so grown up that she gets her hair cut now!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ben is two months old

Ben is two months old today! He is growing, though we won't know until next week how big he has gotten. He has been having many more periods of alertness and has been strengthening his neck muscles because he can hold his head up for significant periods of time now. He smiles and laughs in his sleep though we haven't seen any conscious smiling on his part yet. He is also starting to make eye contact which is a nice change for us. He likes being held but also doesn't mind sitting in a swing or bouncer and watching his surroundings. Ben likes his pacifier but we have also caught him sucking his thumb on more than one occasion! He has been able to get his hands out of the swaddle at night and occasionally we'll find him sucking on his fist in the morning. He doesn't burp every time you feed him and doesn't spit up too often either. He sleeps well at night going to bed around 10 pm, waking around 2 am, and again around 6 am. He still takes lots of naps during the day. Ben has outgrown his preemie swaddle and is mostly wearing newborn clothes, though the 3 month size does not seem to be comically large on him anymore!

Ben at one month old.

Ben and Rosie:

All the kids at two months!

Eleanor at two months.
Jane at two months.
Rosie at two months.

Rosie is two months old

Rosie is two months old today! She is growing, though we won't know until next week how big she has gotten. Sadly Rosie is suffering from some baby acne. She has been having many more periods of alertness and but still does not have much neck control, though she's trying to work on it. The other day, Chris thought he saw Rosie trying to smile, though we haven't seen a real one yet and we can't wait until she can actually do it. She is starting to make eye contact and does not seem to like being set down unless she is asleep. She much prefers being held and expresses this through crying whenever she's alone in a swing or bouncer. Chris has nicknamed her "Rosie no chill" because according to him, she has "no chill." She seems to like the pacifier but not as much as her brother, and she doesn't do as well keeping it in her mouth either, which can be frustrating for all of us at times. Rosie spits up much more frequently than her brother, but not every time. She also sleeps well at night going to bed around 10 pm, waking around 2 am, and again around 6 am and still takes lots of naps during the day. Rosie has outgrown her preemie swaddle and is mostly wearing newborn clothes, though the 3 month size does not seem to be comically large on her anymore!

Rosie at one month old.

Ben and Rosie:

All the kids at two months!

Eleanor at two months.
Jane at two months.
Rosie at two months.