Monday, May 2, 2016

April wrap-up

April was wonderful. Chris is officially done with classes (will graduate in May), and we've got basically one month left of organized activity until it's officially summer. We've been working on our summer plans recently so I am started to get excited about being less busy for awhile, but am going to enjoy the time we have left before it hits Memorial Day and most activities end.

Eleanor started doing gymnastics this month through Williamsburg Gymnastics. She has a blast, and this activity perfectly suits this "I can do it myself" child. The first day we got there, she ran out, leapt off or on to whatever they asked her to, and never looked back.

Chris had his last class ever and will be graduating in May. We're really thrilled that school is over for him. This MBA has been an almost five year process and we are very proud of him for sticking it through.

Mom's morning out is still one of Eleanor's favorite parts of the week. She loves it and has really enjoyed the teachers and activities.

We've had several rainy or thunderstorm filled days. They say April showers bring May flowers, so I guess we'll see.

Chris went to the basketball banquet sans me and had a good time.

Jane got really into the doorway jumper and can sit in there forever these days!

Chris got paid to play basketball finally through a class action suit against the NCAA. Who knew?

Eleanor is pretty much always dirty these days. I can't keep up with her.

Jane has really taken off eating food this month. It's about time!

Eleanor has been practicing riding her bike.

Eleanor has also been putting on shows for Jane, which is entertaining for both of us!

Jane loves her growing like a redwood onesie from my cousin Taylor, and it is super cute :)

My roommate from college Kayla came to visit and it was wonderful to see her! Weirdly enough, when roommates come to visit it seems we are taking more pictures of them with kids than us together!

Eleanor went to a friend's third birthday party and as always, it is very fun when all the kids are together.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Robert visits

Last weekend, Uncle Robert came to visit us! The Williamsburg Craft Beer Fest was on Sunday and he ended up coming down on Saturday to hang out. The guys started off by hitting up The Virginia Beer Company, and then after the little girls woke up from their naps, we headed off to Busch Gardens for the evening. Eleanor thought it was the best thing in the world that he was visiting and asked him to ride all her favorite rides with her, like Up Elmo, Oscar's Whirly Worms, Turkish Delight (the teacups), and the Battering Ram.

Chris and Robert stayed a little longer than the girls and me did to hit up all the roller coasters.

The next day, the guys went to the brew fest and the girls and I met them down in Colonial Williamsburg a little later. Eleanor was quite a trooper. I didn't bring the stroller and it was definitely a huge mistake. I think she ended up walking almost a mile but was NOT happy about it and I will definitely think twice before I decide not to bring the stroller again. Chris even ended up having to wear Jane in the carrier because I had a pinched nerve in my neck and it was too painful. Also, as a side note, Chris is against the carrier, so this is literally the first and only time he has carried any of our children in it! So here is everyone taking a little rest for the little legs:

Eleanor passed out in the car on the way home (at like 5:30 in the evening, ah!) so I had to wake her up. When Robert left after dinner, Eleanor cried. She was so sad that he was leaving that she even called me back into her room after bedtime to talk about it again.

But they did have a little time to wrestle before he left :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

One Tribe One Day!

One Tribe One Day is William & Mary's annual giving day. It is a huge deal for Chris' work, and a big day for alumni everywhere. We had lots of fun all day. We went to visit Chris at work in the morning because he left for the day before the girls woke up.

After naps we went back to campus to go to the carnival in the sunken gardens. There was a petting zoo and inflatables to play on.

Eleanor was crazy bold and took off up one of the giant inflatables. Last year Chris went on something similar with her, though it was much smaller, and this year she didn't even wait for him. I was a little worried her first time through that she wasn't going to be able to make it up the big wall, but we have a fearless two year old, for better or for worse. 

The inflatable obstacle course was absolutely her favorite part of the day. I can't count how many times she ran through the thing and then was shouting "again, again" before she was even off the slide. 

After the carnival we headed over to The Virginia Beer Company for another alumni event. The brewery was shut down except for W&M alumni so it was a lot of fun. The guys who own the brewery are W&M alumni who Chris works with and were so gracious to host and give out free drinks. Thanks VA Beer Co!

And a final message from Eleanor for OTOD: 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Junior Park Ranger Day

One of our friends gave us the heads up that Jamestown Island was having free admission last weekend for it's Jr. Park Ranger Day. I had seen Jamestown Island several times from the river, have biked around the Island many, many times (Jane's first bike ride), and have been to the actual settlement once before when my grandparents visited, but that was years ago and I was definitely ready to go back. It was a beautiful day outside so we were really happy to have something fun to do outside for the day. We didn't really coordinate with anyone because we rode our bikes there and back and didn't know how smoothly it would go, but ended up being there at the same time as several of our friends.

Eleanor didn't become a Jr. Park Ranger because several of the activities were too involved for her, but she did have lots of fun doing some arts and crafts and games. She made a bowl out of clay, a bracelet, a corn husk doll, a cup and ball game, did lots of coloring, and played bocce, ring toss, and corn husk darts.

She also got to participate in an "archaeology dig" where she found glass and coins and learned some traditional dances. This whole event is put on by Jamestown High School kids and it is absolutely wonderful. They did a fantastic job.

Of course we spent lots of time just walking around near the river, on brick ruins, climbing on stuff, and jumping off stuff.

Overall it really was a fantastic day. Jane got a little sunburned on her cheeks (oops!) but didn't seem to mind. Eleanor just browned up a bit - she has never gotten sunburned in her life, lucky girl. Both kids passed out in the bike trailer on the way home and slept for a long time in the afternoon.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Jane is seven months old

Jane is seven months old now! She weighs 19 pounds, 2 ounces, and is 26.5 inches long. She loves to sit up so she can be a little more involved in whatever action is taking place in the household, but still occasionally falls over. This sweet girl loves to eat, particularly stuff like sweet potatoes and squash. Despite her apparent love of food (which is a huge turn around from last month), she still has no teeth but we are constantly on the lookout for them.

Jane is had a bit of a rough month when we found out she was allergic to amoxicillin. Otherwise, she has been doing well. She sleeps from about 7 or 7:30 pm to about 6:15 or 7 am. She occasionally still wakes up at night, but we give her the pacifier and she is back out right away. She doesn't eat between those hours anymore. She takes two naps a day, one short one in the morning, and a longer one in the afternoon with her sister. She absolutely loves toys now, particularly this set of rings my sister got her for Christmas this year and this doll my mom got her, also for Christmas. She spends lots of time on her playmat, but instead of all the stuff the playmat came with, I just stick a bunch of those rings on it and she chews, pulls on, and detaches them to play with. She still loves to watch her sister, take walks and be outside, and swing at the park.

Eleanor at seven months for comparison:

Jane at onetwothreefourfive and six months old.