Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Benjamin Leo and Rosie Marie

Benjamin Leo (twin A) was born at 7:53 pm weighing 5 pounds, 9.6 ounces and measuring 18 inches long with a head circumference of 12.5 inches.

He was followed shortly after by his little sister, Rosie Marie (twin B), born three minutes later at 7:56 pm weighing 5 pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 18.75 inches long with a head circumference of 12.75 inches.

Both twins were breech, born via c-section. More to come soon!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Thirty-six weeks with TWO!

I never made it to my thirty-six week appointment because the twins were born at thirty-five weeks and five days. We had been hoping to make it closer to thirty-seven weeks, but I was so uncomfortable that I wasn't necessarily disappointed when they arrived a bit earlier. I hadn't stopped working yet, but had started switching to 8 hour shifts rather than 12. My coworkers threw me a little baby shower the evening before I went into labor. Sleeping remained a bit elusive, which added to already being tired from pregnancy. I think the whole family was ready for these two to make their debut! I took the picture above a few hours before heading into the hospital to get checked for signs of labor just in case they ended up coming that day, which they did!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Silly Janer

I feel like because Eleanor is a little older and has a bit more going on in the way of activities, she gets a bit more focus, so I wanted to share some pictures of our silly Janer. First, Jane eating an apple. She used to just pick a side and not rotate the apple at all and just eat straight through. Now she has learned to rotate the apple, but when she finishes on the sides, she just starts eating from the top down. This girl has no concept of a core:

And, because my kids don't really take baths, a cute picture of Jane in the bath one random night. Her hair is getting so long! And her characteristic tongue out the side of her mouth...

And, this girl loooooooves her daddy:

We love this girl - she has no idea what's coming. We ask her if she's going to be a big sister and every time she says, "Yep, Eh-na-na over there!" When we try to explain she will be a big sister, too, she just starts talking more about Eleanor. She is in for it!

Monday, November 6, 2017

October wrap-up

The month of October was blissfully a bit cooler than September, though it still had its days. I feel like I need to remember and prepare myself for next year that fall doesn't really start until the end of October/early November. The month was a marathon of appointments between at least three doctors appointments for me/the twins, the girls each had their annual check up, Eleanor and I both had to go to the dentist this month, and Eleanor visited the optometrist. Thankfully we only have one appointment scheduled so far in the month of November! The other big thing for us is that we know November is the month when we will meet the twins, so the fact that October is over is both a big milestone (we made it this far!) and also just exciting for our family. October was the last month that we had anything scheduled (soccer for Eleanor, work for me, family plans, etc.) so we will play this coming month by ear.

Our neighbors' chickens started laying so we have had fresh eggs recently, which has been so fun!

We had a visit from Eleanor's friend's dad (and also Chris' good friend) who moved away this summer, which was very fun and special but also a bummer for Eleanor because she was hoping her friend would be able to come, too!

Eleanor has Chapel every other week at school (and music classes on the off weeks). Families are invited to attend chapel, so we have gone a couple times this month and Jane has enjoyed joining in.

We have been loving getting outside for walks, bike rides, bubbles, chalk - whatever we can now that the weather isn't so hot. I even rode my bike around the neighborhood once this month with Eleanor on her own bike and Jane in tow, though that will definitely not be happening again until these babies arrive.

We had a friend's birthday party this month which was dinosaur themed. It was at least two weeks ago, but Eleanor and Jane both still have dinosaur tattoos on their arms to prove they were there...

I have done lots of laying on the couch with my four babies.

Eleanor out of the blue painted a picture for the twins and went and hung it up in their future room - it was very cute.

We have been to our local Chick-fil-A's Mommy and Me days a couple times this month as I try to find fun stuff for Jane to do while Eleanor is in school.

The girls are so silly in the mornings and sometimes Chris sends me pictures while I'm at work that are rather hilarious before he takes them to daycare.

Eleanor decided one morning that she wanted to get Jane dressed and change her diaper all by herself so we let her and it was actually quite successful!

Eleanor had to go to the optometrist this month because she initially failed a vision screen. All ended up being well and she has great vision so they think it was a fluke, but it was still an interesting appointment. At one point they were having her identify black and white pictures. As soon as the one of a rotary phone popped up, I knew there was no way she'd know what it was. Sure enough she sat there thinking for awhile and eventually said, "umm...shirt!" and we all started laughing. The optometrist said she enjoys using that one with kids because she likes hearing what they come up with - hah!

The girls are also enjoying helping with cooking recently so we have had to get creative with what kinds of things they can do as most of it involves either fire, ovens, or sharp knives...yikes!

The girls got silly hats in the mail from Grandma and Dave and Eleanor likes hers so much she slept in it one night and another day she hid it in her bag and put it on after we dropped her off at church so that we wouldn't know she wore it, haha.

Overall it was a pretty busy month that seemed rather long to me, but we are welcoming November with open arms. Life is about to get crazy.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, Eleanor really wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast (the "new" one with Emma Watson) but didn't want a fancy dress up dress - she wanted to wear her Belle dress. This girl has worn this outfit/hairstyle to school at least once a week since she started school and once a week in the summer before that (we have an only once a week for this outfit rule) so I was a bit worried it would come to Halloween and she wouldn't feel like it was special enough since she wears it all the time. However, Halloween came and she was perfectly happy and excited to wear this outfit and be Belle in her own way. Jane wore the same ghost costume Eleanor wore two years ago and absolutely loved it. She also carried a little ghost that I made the girls a couple weeks ago to play with around with her and showed her little ghost to everyone who would look at it.

We had two opportunities to dress up this year. The first was the Saturday before Halloween - we got tickets to trick-or-treating in Colonial Williamsburg. This year happened a bit earlier in the day than last year, but the girls had a blast and had to say "Liberty" instead of "trick-or-treat" for candy.

We also carved our pumpkin over the weekend, which Eleanor wanted to design this year. I think we stayed pretty true to her design!

Then we dressed up for actual Halloween. Since it was on a Tuesday, Eleanor had a Halloween parade that morning at school and then a Harvest Party afterward. The Halloween parade was adorable - they all walked around the drop-off circle a couple of times waving at everyone. Jane tried to jump in a couple of times, poor thing :)

Eleanor stayed in her costume throughout the entire day until trick-or-treating that night. Some of our neighbors and friends got together for pizza before heading around the block for candy.

The girls really enjoyed Halloween this year. Eleanor was running ahead the entire time with the older girls and Jane brought up the rear with some of the younger ones. She did her best though to try to keep up!

Happy Halloween!