Monday, October 20, 2014

Homecoming 2014

This year, Homecoming at W&M was a bigger deal for Chris' job. Last year he had mostly football responsibilities, but this year he had events sporadically throughout the whole weekend. This year was also more fun for me as Eleanor enjoyed it more. We basically spent parts of every day this weekend on campus and it was wonderful! Last year, Eleanor spent the entire Homecoming in the moby wrap and this year she marched herself around campus on her own two feet.

Friday we went to the Homecoming parade. Chris was actually in the parade this year, so Eleanor and I planned to watch him pass by (along with the other floats). When Chris walked by though, she got a little over excited and ran out to him, so Eleanor ended up being in the parade this year, too! After Chris got to the end of the parade route, he came back to watch the back half of the parade with us.

On Saturday, we spent the early afternoon visiting tailgates across campus. In basically every parking lot, Eleanor would spend her time collecting and stacking cones.

Then we headed over to the football game.

At halftime, Eleanor and I took a break in the Sunken Gardens so she could run her energy out before heading back to watch the end of the game.

By the end of the game, she was completely exhausted. It was a pretty long day on campus for her, leaving the house around noon and not getting home until 7ish, but she really seemed to enjoy all the fanfare.

And, a little throwback to Homecoming 2005, when my roommates and Chris' roommates all painted up for the football game. If I recall correctly, I believe we used house paint, which did not wash off of the guys' chests very well afterwards (thankfully the girls painted t-shirts). There were also a lot of square-shaped sunburns after that game.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend with mom

This weekend, my mom came down to visit! It happened to be her birthday weekend and we were thrilled that she decided to spend it with us :) She brought her bike down with her and we spent the weekend riding and exploring the trails near our house.

First we rode to Jamestown Island, around, around the island, out to Black's Point, and then back. At one point, Eleanor's trailer ran over a turtle so I had to turn around and get it off the road.

That afternoon while Eleanor was napping, my mom and I got back on our bikes and rode to Surry. We took the ferry over (which I've never taken on a bike) and rode a little bit across the James River. Some of our friends were heading over to go pumpkin picking so we got to enjoy the ferry ride with them!

We had some well deserved birthday cake for my mom that evening. While we were trying to take a picture, Eleanor found the cake with her fingers.

The next day we went to church.

And after church was over, we hit the road again! This time we rode along the Colonial Parkway along the river from Jamestown to College Creek.

Overall it was a great weekend! We rode over 40 miles around our house exploring the area and had a great time. The weather was awesome for riding - cool and overcast but not raining. We really couldn't have picked a better weekend. Happy birthday, Mom!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

More biking

Eleanor and I have been continuing to ride and explore the trails in our area. Chris has recently been borrowing a bike from our neighbor so that he could join us, which has made it all the more fun. We ordered Chris a bike for his birthday, which hasn't gotten here yet, but we are having a great time in the meantime borrowing one.

Eleanor also likes to nap while we ride :) We have since started putting pillows in there for her.

We have also still been riding with Eleanor's friend down the street, and they seem to enjoy going together fairly well. More recently it has gone less than smoothly, but prior to that it was working out very well!

I mean, how cute is she in this helmet?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Maynard Marv

A couple weeks ago, we received a package from my grandparents in the mail. Apparently, one of my grandma's friends had collected dolls and wanted to pass along a couple to Eleanor. Eleanor up to that point did not have any "baby dolls," so I was interested to see what she would think. She absolutely loved them from the start. One is a cabbage patch kid named Maynard Marv (his given name, and I thought it would be appropriate not to change it). This is the one we let Eleanor play with. The other one was a Lee Middleton doll named "Angel Face" that we have put on a shelf in Eleanor's room so she doesn't destroy it.

Eleanor loves for Maynard to do all the things she does, so she walks around and puts him in her high chair, then takes him out and puts him in her stroller, then pushes him around for awhile. Then later she'll try to share her milk with him. It is absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

When she is upset or crying, I'll put her down and say, "Eleanor, where is Maynard?" and she'll walk around the house, go get him and bring him back to me. She likes to give Maynard (very wet) kisses, too! Her absolute favorite thing to do, though, is to walk outside with Maynard. In this particular picture we had just gotten back from a bike ride and she didn't want to take her helmet off yet (I do not make her wear a helmet to walk on the street). All of our immediate neighbors know all about Eleanor and Maynard now. I love it!

And as Erika (E's auntie) pointed out in the picture above, Eleanor and Maynard are making the exact same face :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September wrap-up

September was the last of our "busy" months. We had weddings scheduled for three of the four weekends last month and I worked the weekend we weren't at a wedding. In the midst of all that, though, we had some normalcy during the weeks.

We got Eleanor to the doctor for her 12 month check up - we were a couple weeks late due to my work schedule and just being unable to find the time to get here there. All went well, so we can check the doctor off the list for the next couple months. She doesn't go back until 15 months (though we did have to go in last week for a flu shot).

We have enjoyed the slight cool down in weather by spending a ton of our time outside. We occasionally meet Chris on campus to take a walk either there or in CW.

If we're not walking there, we are always walking around our neighborhood. Eleanor and I (on days that I'm home) go out at least three times a day to walk or bike ride. Sometimes she rides in her stroller, sometimes she pushes her own stroller, and sometimes she just walks next to me.

Occasionally on our walks, we'll stop by the neighborhood park to play on the swings or the slide. Eleanor is getting more and more into the playground equipment as she gets more adept at controlling her movements.

Animals are still a big thing for Eleanor. We will see deer in the neighborhood occasionally, but her favorite place to stop is one of the houses on our street who let their cat and dog roam around outside. She loves trying to find them to pet.

We went to a baby birthday party that included a bounce house this month. Cousins were turning 1, so there were tons of baby friends there. Eleanor was a little iffy on the bounce house at first, but then she got really into it and had a great time. She thought it was so funny to walk around and fall and not get hurt.

Eleanor has a Redskins dress that she wears on many Sundays now. The first time she put it on was when Chris had her (I was working) one Sunday and he sent me a picture from church of Eleanor in her Redskins dress. I hear that people were very entertained at church by her outfit.

Eleanor still likes to get into things she shouldn't be getting into, so we have now baby proofed the important cupboards and cabinets in our house. That doesn't completely stop her though. In particular, she likes to eat dirt, so she has on many occasions knocked over a plant when we weren't looking to achieve that purpose.

We are trying to get Eleanor to eat more food and to drink milk from a sippy cup. Pretty unsuccessful on the milk front in September, but she is coming around now (in October). We will eventually wean her, but it's a slow process.

Eleanor loves to visit her friend Hannah. She knows which house is hers and since we're outside so much, occasionally she just runs into her (and literally runs).

The other day, Eleanor did this to our computer screen...took me awhile to figure out how to fix. Not cool.

While the siblings were visiting, Eleanor took a spill into a door frame. She had a knot on her forehead that did not look pretty, but as she was teething at the same time, she wouldn't let us put ice on her head, she just put it in her mouth. It was very scary - I was about to take her in to an emergency room because as I was standing there, the bump was growing and growing. She stopped crying pretty quickly though and acted totally normal so we ended up not taking her in.

Great month, on to the next...!