Monday, December 5, 2016

November wrap-up

Though we're well into December already, I wanted to share a few more pictures from last month. We had amazing weather and spent every minute of our free time outside. I know we will not be doing the same in the coming months so we are doing our best to take advantage of it!

Eleanor has been very adamant about choosing her own outfits these days.

We are biking everywhere to enjoy the last of the decent weather before the really cold stuff sets in. We even got a new bike seat from a friend whose kids outgrew it!

Our crew voted in the girls' first presidential election this month.

Eleanor said she was thankful for Jesus at school.

We tailgated at the first home basketball game of the season. Jane spent the whole time eating crayons and chalk.

The girls have been struggling with sleep a bit at the late basketball games this year. Eleanor actually fell asleep in Chris' lap and Jane was very, very close.

Our friends had their annual Chili-con-carnival and Chris performed well but did not come in first place, much to his dismay - we'll work this winter on next year's entry.

We've been taking nature walks on the trails behind our neighborhood (also while we are in my favorite season and before the weather turns too cold that the girls are more miserable than happy).

Jane started walking in October but really took off in November. She doesn't crawl at all anymore and loves to run around with the big girls. In fact, I think the reason she actually started getting motivated was watching a bunch of girls Eleanor's age run around the church during our church's 40 year celebration one weekend.

I volunteered in Eleanor's class one day this month and she had a blast showing me all of her stuff.

I came outside one day and both the girls had gone to work doing yardwork. Jane was mowing and Eleanor was raking.

We had some plumbing issues right before Thanksgiving. Chris learned quite a bit about plumbing but we eventually had to hire a professional because the issues were too great. That was a bummer.

We are already celebrating Advent and enjoying the Christmas season, but I am sad to see November go, it may be my favorite month of the year.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Turkey Bowl

Of course we all kicked field goals for Thanksgiving. We started out with Chris' family on Thanksgiving morning. Chris's record this year was 40 and mine was 12. I don't think either of those were our personal bests, but decent kicks for both of us. Eleanor and Jane both tried to participate, but Jane was very disinterested while Eleanor was over interested and we had to send her on missions to keep her otherwise occupied.

Eleanor did a tumbling routine for everyone.

And the girls had a little fall down love fest on the turf.

We kicked with my family on Friday morning (our Thanksgiving morning) and after two days of kicking my leg was certainly sore!

Again, I don't think anyone broke any records, but we all had fun! Until next year when I will kick my next field goal...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We were fortunate to be able to spend the holiday with both of our families again this year. We drove up to northern Virginia on Tuesday night and spent Wednesday and Thursday at Chris' parents' house. Everyone was home and we all had a great time! We walked around Burke Lake Park Wednesday morning.

And we reenacted the picture of the girls on the seal from last year...not as a surprise to anyone, but Eleanor's hair looks exactly the same because in both pictures she was going through a "I don't want to put anything in my hair so it's always in my eyes" phase.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and sat around the firepit outside. Eleanor and Jane even got to open an early Christmas gift. It was a great time with great family.

Then it was off to Leesburg for the weekend where we played lots of Monopoly, Stoneage, and ate more delicious food! Chris and Uncle Benny carved the turkey this year and did a wonderful job despite their professed limited experience.

We also took a walk down to the river at Red Rocks in Leesburg.

It really was a great weekend to be outside! The day we left Shug came over in the morning with donuts. Eleanor picked out a pink sprinkle donut and was in heaven! Plus they were matchy-matchy in red.

I was also able to go to one of Lauren's dress fittings as I had not yet seen her dress on and boy was it exciting for me! Eleanor, too, enjoyed the process because there were "so many Eleanors, so many grandmas" in the mirrors.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I know at least in our house we are so excited for "the most wonderful time of the year!"