Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Along with spring has come the sun, and along with the sun, Eleanor has become obsessed with her sunglasses. We all went to the spring game last weekend and Eleanor had an awesome time exploring the entire stadium/bleachers. The sun turned out to be both brighter and stronger than I was anticipating and we hadn't brought any sunscreen. The next day I noticed that Eleanor has already started developing a t-shirt tan. Oops!

So far the sunglasses thing hasn't been much of a problem except for one day where they were left at daycare...and for the times she wants to wear them at less appropriate times...

You win some, you lose some.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg in the spring

We have been visiting Colonial Williamsburg almost weekly (or more!) now that it is finally spring. My work schedule has been very busy for the months of February, March, and April, but we've still been finding some time to get down there, generally on Fridays or weekends. With spring comes the birth of the baby lambs each year - this year a set of triplets were born! They were named last weekend: Jamie, Yorkie, and Willie (named after the historic triangle of Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg, if you couldn't guess). Eleanor likes to visit the lambs every time we go down there if they're out.

We've also had the opportunity to meet up with friends a few times and have play dates depending on who is available at the time. These are obviously Eleanor's favorite times because she loves playing with her friends.

We also try to see the horses when we go, but she's a little more reserved about those. She tends to watch from afar and point.

So far this spring has been wonderful. I am looking forward to next month when my work schedule becomes much more flexible and we will hopefully have more time to enjoy the outdoors. We had a big rain last night that thankfully settled some of the pollen down, and we are hoping it doesn't come back in quite as full force again this year. We are all tired of being coated in yellow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Big kid in the moby

This week we were sitting around one evening looking at pictures of Eleanor as a baby and Eleanor saw one of herself in the moby wrap while I made pizza:

(Eleanor spent much of her first three months of life living in the moby wrap, even around the house. This picture is from when she was about 3 weeks old.)

Anyway, she saw this picture and started shouting "whap, whap, Eh-know whap." Roughly translated, she was saying "Eleanor wants to go in the wrap." After I figured this out, I went and got the wrap to make sure that's what she actually wanted, and sure enough it was. We spent the next twenty minutes just walking around the house with Eleanor chilling in the moby wrap (which prior to this week, she hasn't been in in months - possibly close to a year).

Anyway, she had a great time, silly girl!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Babysitting and our weekend trip

The week before Easter, Eleanor's daycare shut down for a week leading us to have a slew of visitors that came to help out with childcare (thank you!!!). Chris' mom came down for a day, followed by his twin sisters (just to visit), and then my sister, and then my mom each took a day. We had visitors continuously for a week straight before heading up to northern Virginia for Easter. It was wonderful to have the help and we are so thankful that family was able to step in instead of having to find a bunch of random babysitters or finding a drop-in day care for the week. Eleanor had a fantastic time with all her family and talks about "Gaby," "Ashwee," "Jesswie," "Ahwote," (my sister), and "Gramma" all the time now.

After the week, we headed up to Leesburg a couple days before Easter because I just happened to have a couple days off. We did lots of bike riding, including downtown to get ice cream at Shoes, Cup, and Cork, built forts with Eric, playing at the park, and of course, taking naps.

Then came Easter, then Chris' family's house, then home! I have more pictures from Chris' though (none of which I took), but we were able to see most of his family in one day which was very fun!

Anyway, we have been recovering and spent this entire last weekend catching up on things like the lawn, cleaning, and never ending laundry!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March wrap-up

Eleanor and Chris spent much of the month of March in front of the tv for March Madness. This happened to include a lot of tv dinners on the nights I worked. Eleanor loves her some "b-ball" (basketball) and "nah nuhks" (slam dunks).

We celebrated the first day of Spring with a trip to Rita's for free ice. Eleanor particularly enjoyed it.

Chris and I built a garden bed that we will attempt to plant some things in later this month. It was a little more complicated than we had originally thought (surprising, because it's just a box), but neither of us are very crafty or handy, so what can you expect??

We had lots and lots of visitors this month, partially due to our daycare closing for vacation for a week. Lots of family came down various days to help out (more on this soon), but our spare bedroom was a revolving door for a little while. We loved having all the visitors and are looking forward to more this month already!

Eleanor got a new purple hat that she wore for Easter this year and has been rather obsessed with it. She wears the hat around the house frequently and wore it to church the week before Easter, too. All the ladies thought she was just adorable (which she was).

Eleanor learned how to say "I love you" this month, and now says it all the time. It is the cutest thing ever.

So now that basketball is over for the season and spring has sprung, we are looking forward to a lot more outdoor time :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

This Easter we were able to spend with our family in northern Virginia. We started out by decorating eggs. Eleanor did a decent job participating by coloring on the eggs with crayon. Overall dying eggs is still a little messy for her age. She had a great time with the stickers that came in the egg decorating package though.

Eric helped Eleanor build forts with couch cushions, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Then she started diving off the couch head first onto pillows, which she enjoyed just as much.

On Saturday we headed to Dodona Manor for their annual egg hunt. There were hundreds of kids, so I wasn't hopeful that Eleanor would do well. She happened to get two eggs though, one for each hand, and I was pretty impressed. There were other activities there like races, face painting, bag decorating, etc.

There was also an Easter bunny with which kids could take pictures, but this was about as close as Eleanor got. She was kind of obsessed (and still today is) with the bunny. She calls him "bee-yo." Last night she went to bed with an Easter bunny cup and empty Easter bunny pez dispenser. 

Chris helped Eleanor do some bouncing on the balls that she was admiring the big kids playing with.

On Sunday, Eleanor got to participate in egg hunts more her style and pace at both of her grandparents' houses. She loved doing the egg hunting and kept saying "more egg" after each egg she would find.

The hunt at Chris' house is a little more intense, as the younger of the old kids also participate, so they saved a couple eggs for Eleanor to do her own hunt after theirs was finished.

We were so grateful to be able to see both our families this year and enjoy their company. Eleanor even learned a new phrase this year. We would say, "He is risen" and she would say "indeed!" (Luke 24:34) Happy Easter to all!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Eighteen months

Eleanor had her eighteen month check up at the doctor this week. Only two shots, and I believe there may be no more until she goes to Kindergarten in several years! Lucky girl. Her measurements were slightly off because there was a different, less experienced nurse taking them, but as close as I can guess, Eleanor now weighs about 23 pounds, 7 ounces (25th-ish percentile), and is about 31.5 inches long (also 25th-ish percentile and 48% of the way to my adult height).

The biggest change these last few months is that Eleanor has started using telegraphic speech. She is putting words and concepts together now to convey her desires and interests. For example, in the morning she comes in our room and says "mommy, get down" (off the bed). Or she will drop something and say "Uh oh, drop it." She also says things like "more cracker, please." Yesterday, for the first time, Eleanor said, "I love you!" I am trying to get her to learn the ABC's without much success, but she loves singing the song. She is proving to be so smart these days! She can say the names of basically all of her family members (extended included) and friends, and recognizes them and asks for them!

Physically, Eleanor can now climb up and down stairs without assistance, and can almost climb onto the couch or a chair independently. She loves to throw trash away in the trashcan. She also loves to help cook. She still naps once a day for between 1.5 - 3 hours, but sometimes she just sits up and reads books in her bed until she's done with her "nap." She was fully weaned from pacifier, breast, and bottle in December when she was 16 months old and hasn't looked back. She will even hand other babies their pacifiers without sticking them in her mouth - she truly seems to have no desire for them anymore. She still only has twelve teeth but more are on the way soon ready to break through!

Eleanor at onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleven,  twelve and fifteen months.