Friday, May 23, 2008

art in the mailbox

So we were busy at work stamping and stuffing invitations so we could send them out this weekend, when Chris tells me a story from his childhood. Once when he was younger, he got really angry at his brother. So he went into his brother's room and stole a bunch of his artwork. Then he went outside, stuffed it all in the mailbox, and put up the red flag. He wanted to send it all somewhere out of retaliation. Unfortunately when then mailman came, he and his brother and mom were all outside in the driveway and the mailman and his mom laughed about it. His mom asked him if he did it and he said yeah in a joking manner so that he wouldn't get in trouble. haha. So we recreated this situation during invitations break!


jenster said...

that is the best story/picture i have ever heard/seen

and i linked the sites! woo!

Stina said...

hahaha oh young christopher. i like all the pics you put up...i should start doing that!

Liz Ketner said...

that is amazing! thank you SO MUCH for recreating the story!