Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Any ideas? While this car had its break lights on right in front of me the entire way down the Georgetown Pike until we reached 495, I made up a story about it. I had lots of time while I was stuck behind it! I think it means Harry Potter and me. This person is very obsessed. And also a terrible driver. He/she must have been driving with both feet. I mean, the person would accelerate up the hills (not very quickly, I might add), while still having their break lights on! Is that even possible without having one foot on the gas and one on the break? I thought for a moment that their break lights were just permanently on and broken, but no, then they flashed off for a second before coming back on. Any other thoughts to what their license plate may mean?


ashley said...

haha i love your harry potter theory, although they could also be a big hewlett packard fan...never underestimate a geek with a deep love for his printer

Stina said...

hmm...i think i like harry potter better. whoever they are...they are going to kill their car driving like that!

Katie said...

My grandma has offered up the suggestion: High Protein and Mostly Energetic.. possibly my favorite interpretation so far