Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Birthday Walk

We (Lauren, Mom, and I) decided to take a walk in the afternoon before dinner. It started out great!
Then we heard something...
A helicoptor was circling overhead and we heard sirens in the distance! We decided to walk up to the overpass over route 7 to see if we could see anything..There was a car up on the median, police everywhere, ambulances, and a tow truck. We talked to Loudoun police and found out that two passengers were ejected out of the car and helicoptered to Fairfax hospital. The driver? Took off on foot! Be on the lookout! The police described him as 5'6'', wearing a plaid shirt, and has a bloody face, as he hit the windshield himself. On the walk home we passed policemen with dogs searching the area for this man. Oh boy, we had an adventure this afternoon.

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Lauren said...

way better birthday adventure than i thought when we left the house! i'm still keeping a look-out for scabface in our bushes or something