Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of work

Today I started at JTI! It was a very informative and interesting day. I can tell that I won't ever get bored.. there's so much to do! Here are a couple of great things I was not expecting:
1. The drive is actually a lot shorter than I thought it would be, and there is NO traffic to speak of!
2. I get a sweet phone so I can check my e-mail among other crazy things that I can't figure out (Mom, I'm like you now! I have to carry 2 cell phones!).
3. There's a coffee shop called Katie's coffee house right next door (I'll take a picture later).

Anyway, thank you all for your encouraging texts!


jenster said...

kt thats awesome! im so excited for you! and katie's coffee? that sounds delicious! ho hum ho hum i love coffee

Lauren said...

i'm so glad it went so well! i'm going to have to visit on your lunch break and get some of your coffee!

Dorothy said...

wow - katie - i am so excited to talk to you about it or see more blog entries. Hopefully the phones won't keep you too busy to say hello!!

Liz Ketner said...

i'm so excited for you! i can't wait to hear more about your job and your co-workers. please tell me there's some "office" like people!

Stina said...

that sounds so perfect! and yes, you are a very important person...why else would they have named that coffee shop after you? :)