Friday, September 19, 2008


It is so nice to have a dishwasher for a few days! We technically have a dishwasher in our apartment, but it’s portable. (This means any time you want to use it you have to wheel it over to the sink to plug it in.) We decided to not use it because it would be such a pain and so that we could have room to put a table and chairs in the kitchen. It’s shoved in the back corner of the hall closet for the year. We have a system of doing dishes at home and I really don’t mind it at all, but it is nice to have one for a few days!


Lauren said...

i cannot imagine not having a dishwasher in this house. my chore is dishes this week and i still have to load/unload like three times a day!

Liz Ketner said...

man i was so excited for your portable dishwasher but i totally understand why you would do dishes by hand! sometimes i like to wash dishes just to take a break from studying