Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun for everyone

Since I know most of the readers of this blog don't care about football at all, I came across this football-related blog that all of you LOST fans might appreciate (which I think is everybody who reads this). And though I'm not a LOST watcher, Hurley was my favorite, so I'm okay with our comparison.


Lauren said...

I've been reading that thing for like ten minutes.. i think i've actually learned something interesting about football! great site!

Toby said...

Just thought you should know you have atleast one reader who has never watched a single episode of Lost, but has never missed a Steeler game :-). Decent predictions there though.

ashley said...

that is one of the most clever things i've ever both an avid football fan and lost watcher, all i can say is, well done chris, well done :)