Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Stuffed Animal"

This morning I decided to take a short nap because we had been out late the night before and I was tired. Chris asked if I wanted him to bring me a stuffed animal to sleep with and I said yes, because I knew we didn't have any in the house, and I wanted to see what he would do. So here's what he did!
He created one! It's not exactly "stuffed" but he did end up wrapping a papertowel around the back of it in an attempt at making it soft. The body is one of those backscratcher things, and the head is our salt shaker (currently empty) taped and rubber banded on. It definitely wasn't soft, but I think he wins on creativity.


Lauren said...

that's awesome and i'm glad you got use out of that back masager!

Dorothy said...

ha ha - it looks like a alien baby with a diaper!

kayla said...

ahahaha. oh wow. BIG creativity win. that is the best thing i have seen in a long time! :-P

ashley said...

hahaha i gotta echo kayla on this one, well done!

jenster said...

oh my gosh thats awesome. chris is quite the crafter! first the fishin pole and bottle of shine last year, then his modern dance project, and now this- dang chris quit the job and go on the road!

Stina said... i get it.