Monday, October 27, 2008

Hardships between Ben and me

**Disclaimer** I wrote this post last night and am posting it this morning.

For a brief few minutes today, I honestly thought it was the end of Ben's life (my car for those of you who aren't aware). I tried to turn it on and the engine was just clicking. Nothing was happening. I knew it wasn't the battery because I could still get power for the radio and lights, but I know nothing else about cars so that's where I was stuck. I was really really sad because I've become so attached to Ben. We ended up trying to jump it using Chris's car and it worked! I have no idea why, but Ben lives to see another day! And that's all that really matters.

**Update** This morning: I walked outside to go to work and Ben wouldn't start. Ben lived to see yesterday, sure, but what about today?? The engine is still just clicking. No life at all, but, the battery is fine! Anyway, does anyone have any ideas? I don't think anyone that reads this is a car expert, but if you are, any advice would be helpful. I'm driving Chris's car in the meantime. I hope there is an easy solution.


Liz Ketner said...

oh no, i'm so sorry! when that happened to the vo, the problem was the alternator...hope you can salvage him for a little longer!

jenster said...

no i love ben!

i hope he makes it. he's in my thoughts today

and ya i dont have any advice, but babar is still sort of kicking and i may even start driving him again soon. so hey ya never know. even the weakest can survive

Anonymous said...

My friend, well no Cousin. :) its your starter. No big deal. You can put it in yourself. Buy the little car book that shows you how to replace any part of your car and you can do it. THey are usually really easy to put in. Good luck. H

Dorothy said...

Oh I am sorry about Ben. Hopefully the starter is the answer:) Good luck with the installation!

Lauren said...

listen to heather- she grew up with danny after all! it's not time for ben to go yet!!!