Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Thursday really not going to be the new Friday?

I'm sure you all remember TGIF on Friday nights year ago. Well now with the Office, 30 Rock, and (I thought!) LOST back to back, I had hoped to have a new 2-hour block of good shows to watch, this time on Thursdays instead! But, I recently heard they were moving Lost to Wednesday nights. Has anyone heard if this is true? For all you fans, I just saw a preview for the next season of Lost (check it out here) and am so excited!!

On an unrelated note, I am thrilled about thankful Thursdays! (wow...way to many th-words in a row.) I appreciate the participation! I love knowing what great things are going on in your lives and how to better praise God for all the things you're thankful for. Keep up the good work next week :)


Liz Ketner said...

wow, thanks for posting the lost preview--it looks awesome, no matter what night it comes on!

jenster said...

oh man i just watched the preview and i can't wait! ya im not sure what night either, but i may just have to drive up every thurs (or wed) to see it with ya'll! watchin it this year?