Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Madness

I ran across this at work and I thought it was funny. March Madness is probably my favorite event of the year, so somebody took the same idea and applied it to current events in the US today.
So who do you guys like? I gotta go with my buddy Trumbower with Goldman Sachs, but he's got a tough matchup against Warren Buffett in the first round. Upset potential. I also like the Queen of England on our right side of the bracket. I don't really know why she's there, but I'm a fan, so she's my pick. (couldn't get it to line up correctly with the size of the pictures)


Katie said...

Hah, I don't understand why the Queen is involved, but since she came all the way out to the burg to visit, I'm a fan, too.

jenster said...

haha oh thats awesome. considering my bank already went under, im goin for the queen too. maybe she could sell some of her hats and use that money to bail us out