Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Power outage

We had a power outage last night. It only lasted about 40 minutes, but long enough to have to light some candles and settle in! We had just sat down to watch the World Series of Poker, so we decided to play some hold'em. We also don't have poker chips so we used change instead.

I'm not that great at poker, because eventually if the game goes on too long or I keep getting dealt crappy cards I start betting and lose all my chips. I also am a terrible bluffer. BUT despite all that, I was winning! Chris was dealing and I had a suited 3 and 7, and then they both got paired up on the flop so I completely thought I had him beat. There was no way he had anything better than me. Then, he went all in! I was so excited! Since he was all in, we flipped over our cards to play the rest up the game openly. Well guess what. Chris flipped over a suited 3 and 7, too. I mean come on!! How can that happen!! It's so unlikely! I was so frustrated because we had to end up splitting the pot. Eventually we put the game on hold because it got too late, but for the record, he's coming back. We are dead tied right now.


Lauren said...

i love power outages! i'm glad it didn't last too long though, it sounds like you had fun!

jenster said...

you're lucky the jenster wasn't there cause i would have definitely taken all your money

Dorothy said...

You sure have the poker lingo down for someone who doesn't play well. I'm totally lost!