Sunday, November 16, 2008

A cold front is coming through!

I put on a jacket to go out yesterday and as soon as I stepped out of the house I had to take it off. It was SO warm! It felt like late Spring weather in the middle of November. There were still leaves on the ground and it looked like Fall, but definitely didn't feel that way. When I got to the car, the thermometer said 78 degrees (not sure how accurate it was, but it felt possible!).Anyway, I kept the jacket with me because I had gotten a county warning for a tornado due to a cold front coming in. Even when we got home later though, it wasn't too bad out. So this morning I checked the weather because we're about to go to church and I want to know what to wear. Lo and behold:
That cold front certainly came through last night. 32 degrees colder in 24 hours!

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