Monday, November 10, 2008

Dinner Adventure

Well at least it was an adventure for me! We made Chile Rellenos tonight (la-jan, you would be proud! We got the idea from your blog). They didn't look beautiful, but they tasted great.
Here's the thing though. I am a TOTAL wimp when it comes to hot/spicy food. We used Anaheim peppers, which I was told (by wikipedia) were pretty unspicy. Well, that may be true for other people, but my mouth was burning! It wasn't tooo bad that I couldn't eat it (I finished dinner because it was delicious), but Chris even ran to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. He didn't think they were quite as hot as I did.. Next time we make these I'm definitely trying a different (hopefully less hot!) kind of chili pepper.


LA-jan said...

Terry usually has trouble with that same thing. He makes several more than we can eat just in case. Of course, he can eat almost anything, so, I take a bite and move on to the next one if it is too hot, then he will eat it.
Good luck! They look great, I can't wait to show Terry!

Liz Ketner said...

wow, i'm really impressed that you made chile rellenos! i'm always sad that i can't take spicy food...don't feel bad!

Dorothy said...

I am amazed that you made them. They do look good!