Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pennsylvania - The Ride Up

We all (Chris, me, and his bro) took half days of work to drive four hours up to PA for the Tribe's first game this season. We had three different sets of directions and after we deviated from the first two (long story) we ended up following the GPS the rest of the way. Since we had already gotten turned around a bit, we were taken the rest of the way through what I can only imagine is the "back door" of Pennsylvania. First, we drove through fog where you literally couldn't see 10 feet ahead of you. If you look at this picture closely, you'll be able to see the outline of a truck about 20 feet in front of us.
Then, we ended up in some random town called Orbisonia. I mean. It was literally a couple of houses, a general store, and a main street. I think you could live in PA your entire life and never have heard of this town.
Then finally, we ended up on the ridiculously bumpy road. For 29 miles! I mean, whatever happened to highways?? It was insane. This video doesn't even do it justice, because right after I finished filming, we hit a HUGE pothole.

Anyway.. despite the trip up, we still made it to the Bryce Jordan center in plenty of time!


Erika said...

i noted that you were listening to ted leo in that video, and i like ted leo, and he's coming to carolina on tuesday, and i'm going to try and go, yay!

ashley said...

haha well I have lived in PA my whole life...AND my Mother happens to be from that little town called Orbisonia, and my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle still live there!!!

aaheac said...

Anyway, that above comment was me...I didn't realize Ashley was logged in. Anyhow, Orbisonia is awesome!

Maggie said...

welcome to PA... great state of sucky highways and sweet one-stop-light towns. as opposed to the previous poster, i have lived in PA my whole life and never heard of orbisonia... hope you enjoyed psu's campus... next time you need to hit up the creamery! mmm... best ice cream you'll EVER have!