Sunday, November 2, 2008


So on Wednesday of this past week, I got sent to a client site to help out with some work over there. I had never been to this site, so I didn't know exactly where it was. We were driving along the road and this building on the left side was barricaded with police cars and cops. And then we stopped in front of it, and I realized that this building was my destination. As me and my co-worker Matt got out of the cab, we looked down the sidewalk and there was a mob of people wearing yellow shirts walking toward us. We had no idea what was going on, but figured that our destination was also theirs. We got up to the front gate, where after some questioning, the guards finally did let us in. We had to wait on the front steps though while they took our i.d.'s to make sure we were supposed to be there, and I took a quick video with my phone: (I had some technical difficulties with the video; the sound isn't working, but just imagine people yelling catchy chants and a guy leading them with a bullhorn)

Those U-hauls that are parked out front were full of furniture, which the protesters took out and set on the sidewalk in front of the outer wall. And then they took out their signs and started marching around in front of the building. For lunch, the company had food brought to the building for all of the workers (including us) so that nobody would have to leave the building and face the crowd. It was quite a welcome to a client site. I googled it later and this is what was actually going on.

All in a day's work.

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jenster said...

wow you were pretty much a part of history!