Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sleigh Ride

Now that it is Thanksgiving and it's officially Christmas season, I can post this video. Most of you all know that I love Relient K; this is the video for their version of Sleigh Ride. If this video doesn't make you sing along or just jovial in general, you are either:

a) anti-fun
b) anti-Christmas
c) Jennie

Happy Thanksgiving (and Christmas season)!


Dorothy said...

Cute! It made me smile.

jenster said...

haha HEY. just cause its true doesnt mean you need to post it for all the world to see (since you are a big deal now). i did watch the video (well most of it) and enjoyed it. i mean its no neil diamond, but it does get me into the christmas spirit! if you want to hear the greatest christmas song of all time then click here-

it doesnt have a fancy video, bit its a classic

jenster said...

oh also apparently i dont know how to do that cool click on the link thing, how do you do that?