Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas tree shopping

Today was Christmas tree shopping! We picked out a nice Douglas Fir. I haven't really had a lot of real trees during my life, so as soon as I started stringing the lights I found out I'm definitely allergic to the tree. My arms started itching terribly and turning red. After I washed my hands and stuff we did ornaments. The best part was unwrapping Chris's huge box of ornaments because everyone was new to me and a surprise! We don't have a tree-topper yet, but we'll either make one or find one soon.


Patty said...

What a beautiful "first" christmas tree! I love your ornaments! I hope you can tolerate it, Katie.

Dorothy said...

I love your tree! It looks like some fun sports ornaments are there too! My arms itch putting lights on real trees too - just put on some gloves:)
The tree looks prefect in that corner!

jenster said...

umm i think you know what you can use for a tree topper

(the boy scout)