Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We took down the Christmas tree :(

Chris had to work allll weekend this week so I spent some time cleaning. I took down all our Christmas decorations. All the ornaments and lights came off the tree, the wreath off the door, and all the cards off the wall. I was definitely sad to see it all go. Now that all the decorations are gone it feels like Christmas is completely over and now I'm just looking forward to warm weather! The tree didn't exactly fit through the door way. And it was definitely dead. The result? Pine needles EVERYWHERE! There was a trail all the way from the corner where the tree stood, out the door and down the hallway. And, two days later, the tree is still sitting outside because the garbagemen have not picked it up.
At least we get to enjoy the tree a little longer, outside on the curb, haha.


jenster said...

ahh the spirit of christmas lives on

and yes i either want snow or warm weather!

Dorothy said...

The needles - that is one reason I like fake trees:)

Stina said...

I agree about needing some warmer weather...I was ready for Spring on January 2nd!