Thursday, February 19, 2009 Rankings: #5

We're back with our fifth best commercial:

Music: Our guys are going for a bit more of an alternative rock song sound here, which at one time was a very popular genre of music, and one that I think we all still enjoy to an extent. My problem with the music here is that there's no real hook - nothing sticks out. In some of the other ones we've got catchy choruses and things, but not in this one. Music purists will say you don't need one, but when you're trying to sell a service you definitely do. I'm giving them a hard time on this one, but the music is much better than the rap/techno one, and our lead singer is actually showing off some vocal range, which we can all appreciate I think. Grade: 6.5/10

Lyrical Creativity: This is where this commercial really suffers in the rankings. You can debate me on my musical tastes, but I'm married, so I'm an expert on marrying one's dream girl. A girl who is lying to you, or withholding certain very key information in her life is nobody's dream girl. I dunno, maybe this is another example of men and women differing on opinions of what's important in life. Conversely, he says that if he had gone to, he'd be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard. So is he saying that even if he really loved this girl, if he found out she had bad credit he would dump her? If she is withholding important life information, and he would dump her based solely on her credit, there's no way that she was his dream girl, making the first 2 lines of this song a complete lie. Busted. Grade: 2/10

Visual: He says that they are living in a basement, and if you look out the window in the back right, you can see people's feet as they walk, so they are actually in a basement. Points for honesty. Also, big points go out to the drummer who is playing while sitting on the toilet. This is funny. Some questions do remain however. There is clearly alot of tension here between man and wife. Dude needs to put down his guitar and talk it out with the wife instead of singing about her while she's right in front of him. If this tension continues on, a whole bunch of anger could surface later on down the road. But I digress. Despite my analysis of their relationship, the basement looks pretty accurate, and they get a boost for the drummer on the toilet. Grade: 6/10
Overall Grade: 14.5/30

As usual, feel free to agree or disagree.


Erika said...

this was hilarious.
i thoroughly enjoyed all links.
every. single. one.

jennie said...

again i agree with your comments. i mean this guy sounds like no fun to be married to. i think your insight on their married life is very wise.

Katie said...

I liked this one as far as songs go though...but I appreciate your commentary!