Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day/Stay at Home Day

So I had today off of work for President's Day, but Katie had to go into work, so I decided I would chronicle my day at home.

6:30 - Alarm goes off. I start to get up, then realize I don't have to work, and crash right back into my pillow. Katie gets up.
7:25 - Katie comes back into the room to say bye to me because she is about to head to work. In my sleepy state of mind, I mumble something back to her that probably sounds like 'take luck.'
8:15 - I wake up, grab some coffee and turn on Sportscenter. At a commercial, I make myself a bagel. Our toaster is currently not 100% functional; when you press the lever down, it won't stay down. So in order to toast anything, you have to hold the button down yourself until you have achieved your desired level of toastyness.
9:00 - Start watching another hour of Sportscenter, play Set game.
10:00 - Pull out the guitar and try to play a bit since I haven't played much at all since last year.
11:00 - Check out what's OnDemand. I hit the jackpot - All 3 Back to the Futures. I haven't seen them since I lost them in a cd case sometime before senior year (Also lost in that case: Zoolander, Anchorman, Cinderella Man, Starsky & Hutch, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore [it was a sad day])
11:30 - Decide that since I'm home and Katie is at work, I'll take care of dinner tonight. I go looking through our crockpot cookbooks and find some things that look good. Then I realize they have about 20 ingredients and there's no way I could make them. Enter Maggie's 5-ingredient cookbook (which I think we were supposed to return about 2 months ago), and I find some good ideas. I check the freezer and we've got some chicken breasts, so I decide to try Chicken Stroganoff.
11:45 - Go to Safeway to get requisite ingredients for dinner.
12:00 - Begin preprations for dinner. I've never chopped up an onion before, so I have to call my mom to get very specific instructions. Stop laughing. I've heard that they can make your eyes water, and in my case, that would be an understatement.

If you can't quite see my eyes all watery, here is a better picture of what my face looked like:

12:45 - Finish up preparations and throw everything into the crockpot for 6 hours. Continue watching Back to the Future trilogy.
1:00 - Katie gets home, and asks what is cooking, but I want to surprise her with a (hopefully) delicious meal, so I don't tell her.
2:00 - Katie has some studying to do for a psychology test this week, so she starts studying on the computer. So I decide to head on over to the school at the top of our street to shoot some hoops and try to improve my heart health slightly. When I return home, I find Katie still hard at work in the books:
4:00 - The apartment starts to smell real good, so maybe my little dinner experiment will actually work out. Back to the Future 3 has started.
5:30 - Marty McFly has succesfully returned to 1985, and the Delorean is destroyed. I decide to check up on my Stroganoff, and when I look through the lid, I see that it is bubbling and foaming. I don't know if this is good or bad. Let's hope good.

6:45 - Dinner is ready. Let's hope she likes it!

6:47 - And the verdict is.....either it's good or she's lying to be nice.

7:30 - Time for some Mariokart.

8:30 - Walk to Wendy's for Frosties.
9:00 - Jack Bauer attempts to save the world.
10:05 - Katie usually makes the bed every morning because I'm normally out of bed first, and I'm also lazy. Since I was last out of bed this morning, I was going to make it. When I walk back in to the room tonight, I examine my effort of this morning. Not my best:

And that was my day. Hope you all had a great President's Day!


Maggie said...

what a great day! I actually cooked chili in my crockpot today (although I used more than 5 ingredients bc I couldn't seem to find my cookbook... haha. j/k. I know where you all live if i really need it!). Congrats on what looks like an awesome dinner!

Erika said...

man i used to be the bomb at set.
that was one game i never cheated at, and nobody could ever beat me. that reminds me of when we used to play monopoly in boston and i would always destroy you, which seemed to make you quite angry

jennie said...

wow that could have been the best blog post ever. love the detail. well done.

jennie said...

oh also i love the extra picture of the watery eyes. it definitely helped with the visual. excellent excellent excellent!

Dorothy said...

Great blog! I enjoyed watching your day and the dinner looked fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Rob said...

if you chew gum while you slice onions, it wont make you cry.

Patty said...

Great blog Chris! I never heard that chewing gum can make you immune to crying while chopping onions! I'll have to try it, even though i don't chew gum.

Stina said...

haha, that was possibly the most entertaining blog i've read yet!