Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guzzling gas

On my way home from work today I needed to get gas, so I decided to find a BP because I have a lot of PowerPump gas rewards to use up. First I would like to note that I'm definitely grateful that I just get gas money for buying regular groceries, but unfortunately, there are no BPs on my direct route between home and work. I decided to just type in BP into the GPS and found one pretty close to home. I got there no problems, stuck in my card and started filling up. I sat back down in the car and when I looked back up a few minutes later, the meter was only at about 1 gallon! It was filling up, but incredibly slowly.

I got out of the car and looked at the guy behind me to see if his pump was going as slow as mine. He sort of half-smiled at me and was jiggling the nozzle, so I guessed his wasn't working well either. I decided to just wait it out - I mean, it's free gas, right? The woman on the opposite side of my pump started glancing over, too, probably trying to tell if she was the only one with this problem, and eventually all three of us filling up were trying to politely wait while offering up sympathetic smiles to each other, conveying the fact that we all knew we had better and more important things to be doing (I know, I'm really humble) than be waiting for our tanks to fill at the rate of a dripping faucet.

Eventually the woman, who was a little less patient, but definitely more polite than myself called over one of the gas station attendants. She asked if there was a problem, or if the pumps always worked this slowly. The worker shrugged his shoulders and went inside to confer with his counterpart and finally came back out to annouce "Sorry everyone, we've run out of gas." Umm...seriously?

So...a couple miles out of my way, a lot of minutes out of my day, and I only got about 3 gallons of gas. Lame.


jennie said...

wow that's so weird. you'd think it'd be hard for a gas station to run out of isn't that something that someone should be checking on over there?

Liz Ketner said...

sometimes i go and they have plastic bags over the regular pumps showing that they've run out but i've never heard of that happening. you win for most frustrating gas experience!

Brittany said...

Thank you for entering Heathers contest for the Pampered Chef cook book! Good luck!!!