Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NCAA winner

Well folks, you might have thought that when a Michigan St. reserve player made a put-back layup with 3.7 seconds left in last night's championship game that it didn't matter, because they were losing by 17 with the clock running out. If you thought that, then you were wrong. While this seemingly un-important basket had no effect on the outcome of the game, a North Carolina blowout, it made all the difference in the world for our pool. As a refresher for you, if UNC won the game and the total number of points scored in the game was 161 or more, Alex Heacock would be our blog pool champion. If UNC won the game and the total number of points scored in the game was 160 or less, Robert Stratton would have been the champion.
So, when this seemingly inconsequential layup by a Michigan St. backup with 3.7 seconds left happened, it made the final score of the game 89-72. Which added together makes exactly 161 points. So while the championship game itself wasn't that exciting, the championship of our blog pool was as close and as exciting as it gets. Alex Heacock is our 2009 champion by the slimmest of margins. For his prize, a blog tribute will appear here shortly (I'm not made of money. But this is way more prestigious.) If you want to know what the agony of defeat feels like, Robert was live-blogging the game here.

Final Standings:
1. Alex Heacock 142 (wins tie breaker)
2. Robert Stratton 142
3. Ashley Kramer 139
4. Patty Stratton 135
5. Erika Stratton 129
6. Chris Dias 127
7. Liz Ketner 123
8. Jennie Thollander 110
9. Lauren Hall 92
10. Bob Stratton 87
11. Chris Stratton 85
12. John/Dorothy Hall 81
13. Christina Casares 80
14. Ashleigh Stratton 78
15. Eric Hall 73
16. Katie Stratton 68
17. Maggie McDonald 67
18. Eileen Duris 49
19. Kayla Locklin 47
20. Jessica Stratton 43 (will receive a prize for finishing last)

Thanks to all who participated this year and made it our biggest pool to date, and congrats once again to our champion, Alex Heacock. I'll leave you with one of my favorite parts of the tournament, one shining moment.


Katie said...

Couple things: (1) okay, I know I did terrible this year; (2) that girl with the small child at the beginning of one shining moment looks exactly like McCurdy's sister...you should ask him if she was there; (3) this video montage just isn't as good as the CAA tournament one from last year

jennie said...

congrats alex! and chris i'm glad you posted that video cause i went to bed before they showed it but i wanted to see it, so thanks!

Erika said...

3 strattons in the top 5 - i'd just like to put up a congrats to the fam.


Rob said...

Un-freaking believable. Although congrats are in order. So with a mouth full of Scope mouthwash to rid my tastebuds of all bitterness, I congratulate you Alex on taking the final #1 spot.


Patty said...

Erika stole my comment!!!!!