Friday, June 5, 2009

E-mail is tricky

So Katie and I are spending tonight at my parents' house to watch my sisters, and my mom sent me this e-mail:
"Hi there, are you and Katie wanting to stay down or up? I need to make beds today. if you sleep upstairs, you'll have to change the bed for katie Rember for Sat. let me know what youwant to do. Looking forward to hanging out with you tonight!! Love, Mom"

I responded with this:
"Ha then downstairs it is. Plus I won't be sweating all night down there."

Here's where it gets tricky. At the same time, I was e-mailing back and forth with Katie, letting her know that I had chosen to sleep downstairs in the basement, where she is always freezing. So when I got this next e-mail from my mom, I thought it was from Katie:
"It's cold out!!!"

Having not paid enough attention to who it was actually from, I replied to my mom, thinking it was Katie, with this:
"nope it's pretty darn nice cutie!"

To which my mom replied:
"Ha ha ha!!! Did you think you were talking to your wife??!! I'm glad you think I'm a cutie!!!"

At this point, I realized that I had in fact, called my mom a cutie. In my defense though, my mom is quite pretty. So I replied with this:
"Oh jeez thats embarassing. Yep, thought I was talking to her."

And our nice conversation ended with my mom laughing in my face:
"ha ha ha ha hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

E-mail is tricky.


Dorothy said...

So funny!

jennie said...

ah well done chris. i was confused by the 'change the bed for katie Rember for Sat' thinking that she was talking about your wife and that maybe Rember was supposed to be remember? but then i realized that katie rember was probably a whole other that correct?

Patty said...

I'm still chuckling over this one!!

Liz Ketner said...

haha! this happens to me on gchat sometimes