Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fire alarm

When Chris got home this weekend we took a trip to the grocery store. The grocery store is underground in a sort of parking garage. We got a basket and picked up everything we needed. We were heading to get the last item on our list when lights start flashing the the fire alarm sounds. A recording was going off telling everyone to evacuate the store and employees started coming through telling everyone to leave. There were abandoned baskets and carts everywhere (especially in the check-out aisles) so we put ours down and followed the masses out. Over all this was not terribly interesting, but it's never happened to me in a grocery before. We didn't get to buy any of our groceries so we don't have milk for the morning and now I have to re-grocery shop tomorrow!!


jennie said...

that is bizarre! do you know if there was any fire anywhere?

Katie said...

I don't think so...I'll look into it though!