Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekend Fun

Over memorial day weekend, my friend Whitney came back from California for her 23rd birthday to her parents' lake house in Locust Grove. Several high school friends were heading down there for the weekend, and Katie and I joined. Her stepdad Doug made up awesome t-shirts for us all to wear, which we did proudly. It was a great time of grilling, boating, jet skiing, and tubing. Pictures of me after I defeated Austin at tubing (he lost his pants in the process), Katie and I heading out on the jet ski (where she nearly flipped us over), and then the whole group with our t-shirts.

Then this past weekend, I headed down to Williamsburg to celebrate Bill and Lindy's 25 years at Chapel. Over 30 current and former members of Bill's bible study came back to celebrate the impact that Bill and Lindy have had on our lives. It was a great weekend. Pictures of the whole group and of Abe, Pete, Jord, and myself at Kyoto.


Patty said...

those are great pictures, Chris! Thanks for sharing.

jennie said...

those sound like great weekends!!