Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hampden Sydney

As many of you know, and some of you don't, Chris and I are MOVING! Ahh! 2 weeks from TODAY we will be packed up and driving a moving van down to Hampden Sydney, VA.We have been getting lots and lots of questions over the past few weeks, so I will try to clarify in this post. If I leave something out, just ask and I'll try to fill you in!

Where is Hampden Sydney? You may never have heard of Hampden Sydney because it is very very small, so here are some facts for you:
1. It's too small to be a town (4.5 sq miles), so it's considered a CDP (a census designated place - a concentration of population) for statistical purposes.
2. It's very close to the geographical center of VA.
3. It's home to an all male college with an enrollment of about 1,100/year (smaller than my high school!!).
4. The closest town is called Farmville.

So, why are we moving? Chris was offered a position helping coach basketball at Hampden Sydney College. If you know Chris at all, you can understand what an amazing career opportunity this is for him. I think we can all agree he will be better off in the gym playing and coaching college basketball than being a consultant behind a computer screen.

What's Hampden Sydney College like?
It's a small male college but absolutely beautiful. The campus reminds me a lot of William and Mary. All brick buildings and a very close-knit community. Their mascot is the Tigers and the colors are garnet and gray.
How's Hampden Sydney basketball?
HSC is a Division 3 team in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). They're 10 time ODAC Champions and have made it to the NCAA D3 Final Four twice. Check out their schedule for this season and come to a game!

What is Katie going to do?
I don't know! I am in the process of looking for a job. I have been applying to every opening at HSC and Longwood, scanning the classifieds, and will hopefully start hearing about more opportunities through word of mouth once we get down there. It's definitely a bit harder to find a job down there than in the D.C. area..!

Where are you going to live? We don't know! We are driving down 2 weeks from today and if we don't have a place by that point, we are throwing our stuff in the Head Coach's garage until we find something. Again, we are working with the college and scanning the classifieds - we'll keep you updated once we find out!

Are you excited? Yes. We both are. I am very sad to be leaving the area we are in now, especially because several of my best friends are all within walking distance of our apartment, but I am ready for a new adventure. Chris can't wait to be part of a team again, and this time he'll be getting paid for it.

Can we come visit? YES!! Our door (once we have one, of course!) is always open. Any visitors are welcome, all the time.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys - I'm an HSC basketball alum working in the Admissions Office at the school now. Your blog got pulled into a Google Alert I have set for Hampden-Sydney. Good luck with the move! If I can help you with anything, let me know.
Matt Guill

jennie said...

i'm excited for you guys and will definitely visit! what happened to that house you were going to live in? will you still get free housing?

Dorothy said...

Good luck with this new turn in your lives. It is exciting!

whittakerwoman said...

So great! I am excited to watch you guys! Love you. H

Paul said...

Bummer, no trips to MA for the team. I have not screamed in a while!!!! Good luck guys. I hope everything goes smooth with the move and transition. Now they need to get the coaches web updated to show #25!!!!!!!!!!