Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still no internet

If you haven't guessed by me not posting pictures of our place last night - we STILL don't have internet at home! I should have guessed that there might be an issue. When we tried to get internet in Arlington, we found out a raccoon or something had chewed through our external line and ended up having to wait an additional week until they could get it repaired. We again have some sort of line problem, but are still hoping to get it resolved by today. So far it's almost been helpful not to have it because we don't have anything distracting us from unpacking, but now I'm starting to get anxious!! Cross your fingers - hopefully you'll be hearing from us tonight with pictures :)


LA-jan said...

I'm looking forward to that! Hope your shoulder is feeling better, don't overwork it!

jennie said...

wow didn't know that about the raccoon- hope that's not the problem this time!