Monday, September 28, 2009


Tonight we were invited to a dinner at Charley's, a restaurant downtown on the "waterfront". I know what you're thinking..."there's a waterfront in Farmville??" Well, I'm not actually sure, I didn't see it! The Appomattox River runs right through town and the restaurant is right along the river, but I didn't happen to see it while there. The food was delicious, and the restaurant is considered one of the best in Farmville. We had a fun time and met some good people, but I'm just still surprised at the restaurant's name!


jennie said...

ya know one of my housemates is from appomattox and she said they used to go to farmville for fun...yep true story. anyways she had told me about this really great restaurant Charley's and how it was on the waterfront. i had the same reaction...there's a waterfront in farmville??

Liz said...

sounds fun! i can't wait to see the water front sometime!

Maggie said...

this seems like a bit of false advertising to me... hope the food was good though :)