Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Halloween Live Blog!!

Happy Halloween!!!

I'm going to keep you (and myself) entertained tonight as we pass out candy with a list of my favorite Halloween costumes as I see them. So far, my favorite has been a little boy dressed as the Geico money stack. He had a piece of cardboard sticking out so far on each side, and the eye balls popped up off the cardboard right in front of his face. His mom was holding his arm and helping him walk up and down our stairs and walk. I asked whether he could see and his mom sighed and said, "yeah, we didn't think about that!" Awesome costume, but poor kid! goes:
  • Geico money stack
  • Hot dog and ketchup bottle (this one was a mom and dad couple respectively. I couldn't even tell what their kid was!)
  • Girl in a princess dress with a tiara and a giant sword (she was supposed to be a musketeer, hahaha. Her mom had to clarify)
(Chris here) Katie has been standing at the door literally for about 8 12 16 minutes straight now as one kid after another after another keeps coming up to the door.

(Katie again) Oh my!! This has been crazy!! Chris had to keep getting up to pour more candy in my bowl because there was a constant stream of kids. Now back to the favorites:
  • Kid on a leash!! (I'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing a costume)
  • Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion (this was a sibling pair. There have been more than 4 Dorothys so far, but these two were so cute together! Especially the lion)
  • Little 3-year OCD cowboy. (He grabbed the door after Chris gave him candy and his mom just looked up at Chris and said, "Sorry, he has this thing. He has to shut all doors." So Chris said okay and the kid slammed the door. But since our door is a little strange it didn't shut, so he came back and banged it shut. Haha.)
  • Twister board (yes, the game)
On another note, some of these parents are LAZY. There is a log-jam on our street because some of these parents are driving their kids from house to house! We live in a neighborhood. The houses are right next to each other! PLUS, we are totally kicking the other neighbors' butts. We still have candy left because we bought a TON and they are dropping like flies. Lights going out and doors being shut all over the place!

Okay, well I'm going to wrap this post up now so we can get on with the evening. It has been several hours of trick-or-treating and kids are only trickling in now vs. the floods we were having earlier. Have a happy Halloween!


Patty said...

Very entertaining post. Glad your trick or treaters lived up to the neighborhood expectations!

Dorothy said...

Do you have any idea how many kids came by? Sounds like hundred's!

Liz said...

i'm glad you saw so many good costumes! i think geico would be my favorite.

LA-jan said...

Wow! Sounds like an entertaining crowd!

jennie said...

oh wow those are some good costumes! i love the story of the OCD cowboy- sounds like an eventful night! way to stand strong with the candy. we only had one trick-or-treating group at our house- meaning i ended up eating a ton of candy!

LA-Eileen said...

Wow! I have NEVER had so many trick-or-treaters!! Must be living in a small town. I have a sad story to share about my Halloween last night. I didn't buy any candy because I was going to Janet's Halloween party. Joseph left the front door open when he left and all of a sudden I heard the doorbell, "Trick or Treat!" I had nothing in my house to give them. Not even coins! So sad! That has never happened to me before!!

Maggie said...

So jealous that you had trick-or-treaters! and I'm impressed with the amount of candy you had in preparation!