Monday, October 26, 2009

Homecoming '09

This past weekend we headed back to our alma mater for our 2nd annual homecoming as alumni. It's strange to think that this is already our second year out of school. When I walk around campus and see my old dorms and class buildings I feel like I've just graduated, but then when I see everything that has changed since we've left  and all that we've done since we've been gone I feel like I've lived entire lives since I was in college.

The campus was in its full fall swing and we had some gorgeous (and humid) weather. Plus, the football team beat JMU (sorry Lauren!). Going there really feels like going home, especially since Farmville is still not quite feeling like home yet!

The best part about going back to W&M is seeing friends again! I was spoiled last year living in such close proximity to a lot of my friends from school, but getting together is always a ton of fun.
On Sunday we went to Chapel and on the way out of town, we stopped back at the Cheese Shop (pretty famous in Williamsburg for those of you who haven't been there!) so Chris could get a sandwich before we left.
It was a great weekend!


Patty said...

Great pictures! I miss seeing all the "kids", too!

Dorothy said...

So nice your were all able to get together! It looks like fun - plus a great win! I love your updated backyard photo --- gorgeous fall colors!

jennie said...

homecoming was awesome! so good to see you! and i love that picture of the wren. i saved it to my computer

Liz said...

this REALLY makes me want bread ends and house dressing! that's awesome that we beat JMU! sounds like we are really good this year. by the way, i went to a wedding on saturday night where there was also lots of chanting--it seems i bring it everywhere i go.

Maggie said...

nothing beats good friends in the 'burg :) can't wait for next year!!