Thursday, October 29, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

As a heads up, I know this is a strange post because it's about Christmas during the week of Halloween, and I'm completely bypassing the Thanksgiving holiday all together, but here it is anyway:

A few nights ago we volunteered at the local church here with Operation Christmas Child. It was quite an experience! Everyone brought food and had a potluck and then we grabbed boxes and started filling them. Chris worked hard to wrap his box nicely. I was impressed!
I was especially impressed because the boxes were really hard to wrap. We used a lot of plastic boxes so they could be reused by their recipients for water later and the tape would not stick to the outsides. After we spent much more time than necessary trying to figure away around this problem, the boxes were wrapped.
I think Chris had a much better handle on appropriate gifts for his age group than I did though. I kept forgetting what age I was packing for. I think I should have stuck to wrapping the boxes for other people!


Patty said...

I think it's wonderful that you both did this. I'm very impressed with Chris' warpping, since he's normally the duct tape guy!

Maggie said...

This sounds fantastic! I want to see if my church does something like this. Also, I may be slow -- but I just noticed the tree at the top of your blog is in fall now! LOVE that!

jennie said...

that's a really good idea about using plastic boxes! how did you solve the tape problem?

Aunt Paula said...

Katie, I LOVE OCC!! I used to lead this at the elementary midweek program at my church, which I taught for years. We did it for the last three years I lead the program. All the girls and volunteers got such joy out of packing these boxes, and it was so awesome to lead children helping children. Did you hear that now you can purchase a shoebox tag online with a bar code, and track your shoebox to it's final destination?? Pretty cool! I appreciate yours and Chris' involvement with this wonderful project.