Friday, November 27, 2009

37th Annual Turkey Bowl

Obviously I personally haven't participated all 37 years, but it's a Hall family tradition that I've participated in as long as I've been able to kick! In recent years, I've even been getting it over the bar! This year, every kicker in our group got it over at least once.

I made a 15 yarder.

Lauren made a 10 yarder.
Eric made a 30 yarder.
My dad made a 30 yarder.
My mom made a 15 yarder.
And Chris won our VA competition with a 43 yarder.
Now we just have to wait until all the scores come in from all the participants around the country to see who won the whole thing!


Liz said...

well done! i'm impressed with all of you!

Dorothy said...

I made a 15 yard field goal!!!

Maggie said...

I love this tradition!! congrats to all of you field-goal kickers! let us know if anyone beats chris's 43!

Rob said...

can i attempt this tomorrow??

Katie said...


LA-jan said...

Looks like the competition was fierce and everyone put out 100%! Go Halls and Strats!

Stina said...

some of those high kicks were pretty impressive in and of themselves! glad your first thanksgiving hosting gig went well!