Saturday, November 7, 2009

H-SC football

This weekend was the last home football game at Hampden-Sydney. So far the team is undefeated and ranked 17th in the country (before they won again today). Due to soccer games, visiting friends, and having friends come visit us we haven't been to a single football game this year. Since today was their last one, we decided to go! By the end of the first quarter the score was already 31-0.
We really enjoyed it due to the awesome weather, good people, and good food!


LA-Eileen said...

"How handsome he looks," says Grandma Eleanor. "She looks like her mother, Dorothy, my daughter. She has a winning smile."
"Hope to see you one of these days. It's great to see your blog," says Aunt Dorothy. "It looks like your marriage will go on forever."
I am visiting the twins' house and brought my laptop so they can catch up with everyone.
"And this will go right there? Isn't that amazing?" they both marvel.

Michele said...

Wow, How awesome is that... that your Grandma is able to see your posts and pictures! I don't think my Nana (Chris' great grandmother)lived to ever see a computer never mind Facebook! And she lived until she was 91. Chris' Nana would have loved this, and she would have loved you too Katie! This is an absolutely beautiful picture of the two of you!
Have a wonderful day! We're looking forward to some FOOTBALL!!!!

Dorothy said...

So glad you enjoyed the game, the day and your friends! Great photo!

jennie said...

oh my gosh 31-0 in the first quarter!! what was the final score?

Katie said...

I think it ended 59-14..

Patty said...

Glad you got to enjoy such a beautiful weekend!