Saturday, December 5, 2009

First snow

I'm up in Leesburg this weekend to hang out with my mom and it's snowing! I wonder if it's snowing down at my house...neither of us are there to find out!

8 AM - when I woke up this morning. It was snowy/rainy so it just made everything all wet!
9 AM - during breakfast. It's been going long enough to start trying to stick to the ground.
10 AM - It's really starting to come down!
11 AM - It's covering the ground and trees now. I think we can finally call this the first real snow of the season!
1 PM - I thought it would stop by now! But it's still coming down like crazy! There are at least 3 inches out there so far!

6 PM - STILL snowing! I hope I can drive home tomorrow!


Liz said...

i hope you got to enjoy it a little! i'll say a prayer for safe travels tomorrow!

LA-jan said...