Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We built a snowman today!
It was tough work at first because we started in the backyard and the snow just wouldn't pack. Then we moved to the front yard and since the sun was shining, it was way easier to start building.

Lauren and Brian started looking for things to use as buttons, eyes, and a nose, while Chris and I went inside to find him a hat and scarf.
He was also given a beard to make him look like the snowman from the old Frosty movies. I think he came out well! He actually is about 6 foot 6, but Chris looks taller than him because he's standing on a bit of a snow mound.

It was a tiring but productive day!


Maggie said...

He looks great! Chris looked like 2 feet taller than you in that one picture! He is still a giant snowman! Well done!

jennie said...

that snowman is HUGE! what's his beard made out of?

Stina said...

what a good looking snowman!! and downtown leesburg looks so pretty with all the snow!

Dorothy said...

That snowman was amazing! He is completely melted today:(