Thursday, January 7, 2010

My decade by the numbers

I'm going to take a leaf out of a fellow blogger's post and do my decade by the numbers!

5 towns (Leesburg, Williamsburg, Freiburg, Arlington, Farmville)
8 homes (parents' house, 3 different dorms in Williamsburg, apartments in Germany, Williamsburg, and Arlington, house in Farmville)
8 jobs (only two after graduating college! Andy's Pizza & Subs, PacSun, Factory Brand Shoes, RE/Max, Quality Settlements, U.S. State Dept., JTI, H-SC)
2 cars owned (my toyota almost lasted me all the way through the decade)
2 graduations (high school, college)
1 husband
1 anniversary
laptops (the first one is 6 years old and counting!!)
7 countries visited (Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Jamaica, Sweden, Bahamas)
Many amazing roommates and friends
Many fun vacations with family and friends
Tons of things to look forward to and goals to accomplish throughout the next decade

Here's to the 10s, teens, or whatever you want to call them! What are some of your decade numbers?


jennie said...

cheers to the golden times! and golden times to come!

Vanessa said...

Glad you did this! :) And, Wow, you've visited a lot of countries - very cool.

Dorothy said...

You visited Italy - Venice, Bibione Beach - you were three years old!

Katie said...

Yes, mom, but that would have been two decades ago - not this last decade!