Friday, January 1, 2010

Our year in review - 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

So I did one of these posts last year and decided that I would do it again. We've had a good year, but I think we're ready to move into 2010 and all that it has in store for us :) So without further adieu:

January: We were living in Arlington; I started taking a couple classes in my spare time.

February: A couple trips down to Williamsburg for some Tribe basketball games (AND on a side note - how 'bout that TRIBE?? Top 25 votes this year!!), a visit to see Lauren in Harrisonburg.

March: The second annual Basement Olympic Games and lots of hanging out with friends in the area and exploring Arlington as the weather got nicer.

April: We visited historic downtown Alexandria for the first time since living in Arlington, another trip to Williamsburg, and just enjoying our beautiful neighborhood in the spring.

May: Went on a hike for mother's day, work sent Chris to Philadelphia for a week with no warning, we did a Serv-a-thon, and saw Wicked in Norfolk.

June: We celebrated a friend's birthday at a lake, I won my first Pindodge trophy, and Chris completed a triathlon with his brother.

July: Our first anniversary, a trip to the beach with my family, the last day in our first apartment in Arlington.

August: Rough month. We moved to Farmville, had the accident, found a place to live and spent the month unpacking and adjusting to our new life and jobs. We threw in a trip to the beach with Chris' family for some fun!


September: Lauren comes to visit (and others!), we attend my first ever county fair! We bought a new car, plus a trip to Arlington for a friend's engagement :)

October: 2nd annual homecoming in Williamsburg, a trip to Harrisonburg again to see Lauren, friends come to Farmville to visit and we go apple picking in Charlottesville, plus the annual Roundball Tip-off banquet to kick of Hampden-Sydney's basketball season.

November: We went to Williamsburg again (does it seem like we go every month??), this time for a wedding, hosted our first Thanksgiving - only by the grace of my mom's skilled preparation, and went the the first basketball game of the season.

December: A trip to Charlotteville to visit friends and shop for Christmas (because you just can't do that in Farmville!), the biggest snow storm since '96, and the longest winter break we've had together ever!

Wow, that was a long one! Longer than last year! I hope you all had a great 2009, and here's to 2010!


Patty said...

Great year in review!

jennie said...

i love the year in review- what a good idea!

Dorothy said...

Love the review! You two have had such a range of events! It is great to see the smiles throughout the year.