Saturday, February 6, 2010

Clearing off the car

In preparation for my attempt to get out tomorrow I decided to clear off my car. I thought this wouldn't take too much time...but unfortunately I was wrong. They haven't even plowed our street yet and there's no chance of me getting out until they do that. I'm going to be a little annoyed if I spent all that time cleaning off my car and the plows don't even come!

Thankfully this morning Eric and my dad went out and shoveled most of the driveway. I went out determined to get this done. 20 minutes in I was about this far. I was already starting to get tired of knocking snow down, the pausing to shovel it all up.

Then I decided to try a new technique. I called it tunneling. Basically I would clear the snow out underneath, kind of creating a tunnel until the tunnel collapsed and all the snow slid off the car of its own accord.

I did this for another 15 minutes until I got tired again. This is me wishing Chris was here. And wondering what I got myself into driving up in a snowstorm without him. Because he would clear my car off for me if he was here.

I gathered up all my reserve strength and kept going. Only one piece left. Check out the snow - by the time it had slowed down it had completely covered my windshield wipers. I think we had a total of about 25-28 inches.

An hour and 15 minutes later I was done! It may not look pretty, but it's done.
 So now I'm ready to go if the plows ever decide to come by!


Stina said...

such a process! Joe was kind enough to clear off Rachael's and my cars but it took the five of us (he, Rach, my parents, and me) close to two hours total to clear our driveway. Channel 4 said Leesburg got 34 inches!

LA-jan said...

That's incredible! You can see why shoveling snow gives men heart attacks!

The McPhersons said...

Oh wow! Now that is a lot of snow!! I hope they plow so you can get home:)

jennie said...

wow i think ya'll got even more than we did! and yeah tunneling is definitely the way to go. i've set aside my afternoon for that very purpose. i hope you get home soon!