Saturday, February 27, 2010

The G'rents visit

My grandparents!
These world travelers decided to fly out to the east coast to visit family and friends for a couple weeks. They started up at my parents' house, and then headed down to Farmville on Thursday. I took a half day off from work and they arrived right when I was getting off at noon. They just caught Chris before he took off for the tournament and then we headed to lunch. Then it was off to Greenfront furniture - one of the main businesses keeping Farmville afloat.
My grandparents bought us a rug, and since my Grammy decided not to risk her luck with Captain Farmville, she had to settle for a picture with a man from the store who helped carry the rug out to the car.
My Opa, whom I affectionately refer to as WGFP (World's Greatest Fighter Pilot), decided he was stronger than the man from the store and hoisted the rug on his shoulder and carried it into the house through the mud-field by himself.
Here's a picture of the rug in its new home:

Since we were hitting up all the hot stores in Farmville, we of course had to stop by Walmart. They decided to get my brother, sister, and me housewarming plants since it's the first time they're seeing all of our new places, not realizing they might have to truck my brother's plant in and out of their car and hotel rooms for the next 10 days.
I think they ditched his plant in Harrisonburg when they went to visit my sister Lauren on Friday. 
Mixed in these shopping adventures, there was a missing credit card, a missing shoe (which may or may not have been misplaced by a TSA officer who searched their bags and failed to get them loaded onto their plane before it took off), and lots of card games.

Our last stop was dinner at a mexican restaurant in town where I enjoyed my first sopapilla. I've been told that they're better in Texas, so I'll have to check it out next time I'm there!
Overall, they were only here for half a day but they got to see our house and we got to spend some great quality time together. It was a wonderful visit!


jennie said...

that looks so fun and your new rug is beautiful! WGFP looks strong! shoo i may need him next time i have to move!

Patty said...

Great post and pictures! I LOVE th rug! time for me to get back to Green Front! So glad you had an awesome time.

Dorothy said...

What a great visit! I LOVE the rug too! It makes your dining room so beautiful! Great photos and I will have to start calling him WGFP too - love that nickname!

LA-jan said...

Terrific post! I love your new rug in your dining room! Sounds like a great time was had by all!