Monday, March 1, 2010


Chris and I have a hammock that we've been unable to use for awhile because we were living in an apartment without a yard. Since the weather is starting to turn (it was still pretty cold today, but we want to be ready!), we decided to try and set it up.

I left this project up to Chris because it's fairly hard for me to reach those high branches. He did a great job though getting the straps wrapped around some sturdy ones.

I also left it up to him to test out :) I didn't want to be the one to fall if it wasn't holding up!

After it seemed pretty safe, I finally got involved and took my turn.

And then we put it to the ultimate test. And it held us both!!

Don't let those blue skies fool you though. It may look beautiful, but it was still in the 30s. We just want to make sure we're already prepared when spring comes. Plus we're trying to keep ourselves occupied and positive until this weather turns. We're still freezing our butts off inside the house!
Despite that gorgeous sky that could trick you into thinking it's already summer, we had a fire in our fireplace tonight :)


LA-jan said...

I'm lovin' that !!

Liz said...

that hammock looks super comfy! i love the ones that are made of canvas. now you can really enjoy that warm weather when it arrives!

ashley said...

how fun are those pictures?? looks like you guys are definitely ready for some warmer weather!

jennie said...

those pictures make me feel like spring! but it's been snowing in charlottesville this morning! come spring come!

Dorothy said...

I can picture the sun and warmth on the way through those branches. You guys have vision!

Stina said...

that looks so nice! I've always wanted a hammock!

maggie said...

that looks so comfy! glad the weather has warmed up and you can be outside now!