Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring break

Chris and I decided to take a couple days off work this week to get away and relax a bit.  We haven't been able to do this on a weekend because Chris typically has a game of some sort, so since this week was spring break for students, things were quiet and it worked out nicely!

No computers, no internet, no cell reception for 48 hours - and it was wonderful!  We left Tuesday after work to drive up to Wintergreen.

Some friends were going up and they offered to let us stay with them.  We spent Wednesday on the mountain. 

It was a gorgeous day - in the 60's and sunny.  Chris and I both got a little sun-burned, but it faded fast.  I started out snowboarding but my legs got so sore that after lunch I switched to skiing hoping that it would use different muscles.  I've only been on skis once in my life, but I did okay at it with some pointers from a friend.

Chris got bolder and bolder as the day wore on and was having fun going off jumps in Wintergreen's terrain park.

We really had a great time, but I am struggling to walk up and down the stairs at work today...
Now back to our daily distractions :)


jennie said...

it's so beautiful up there! i'm glad ya'll got some time away!

Patty said...

That looks like so much fun. Beautiful pictures!

Dorothy said...

How fun! Glad you enjoyed the snow and a few days with friends!