Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's Farmville Moment - Open afternoons

The past week or two has been strange. Chris has been coming home from work at a normal hour and I think he doesn't quite know what to do with himself. As I've mentioned before, there is not a lot of stuff to do in this town, especially when the weather isn't great and Chris hasn't had this much time on his hands since practice started up back in October. Before that his time was consumed with finding a place to live, unpacking, fixing stuff, and buying a new car.

So now that he's coming home again early, I think he's starting to get bored :) Yesterday, he pulled out Halli Galli for the first time since we moved here.

The premise of the game is that you divide the deck evenly between all players.  All the cards have random pieces of fruit on them (plums, limes, bananas, strawberries, etc.) and you take turns flipping cards until five of one kind of fruit is on the table.  This could be five on one card, or three on one, two on another, etc.  When there are five of one kind showing, you hit the bell.  If you hit the bell first, you get all the cards.  The goal is to win all the cards in the game.

We were in a pretty heated battle; the game went back and forth several times.  But the problem with playing against Chris is that he is competitive.  Occasionally normal conventions will get thrown out the window in pursuit of winning.

For example:  the dialogue that leaves his mouth during competition makes him sound like an abusive person!

"Did I crush your hand?  Let that be a warning." and "It's becoming my signature move: bringing the pain!"

You would think a typical husband would feel remorse for this type of behavior.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn't - but regardless, my hand still hurts!


jennie said...

haha that's hilarious. i can just picture it. i miss halli galli! that game is awesome!

Paul said...

Chris, I was getting ready to challenge your manhood when I read this, but in the end, you are saved. Katie, I hope your hand is okay, but keep it out of the way or it will get slammed... :)