Monday, May 17, 2010

Fine Dining

Chris and I went out to a nice dinner.  I mean really nice.

I have gotten a few gift cards from people over the last month or two for various things and it seems that everyone has had the same idea - a gift card to the best restaurant in town.  It just opened up recently so we've been hearing a lot about it - and it really was the best.

We drove up and the first thing we noticed was a Ferrari in the parking lot along with a handful of Mercedes.

We were a little taken aback when we drove up because the restaurant looked a little bit like a small house.
It was really cute, but definitely small.  We noticed there was a huge back deck as well, which added to the space.

I wanted to eat outside much to Chris' chagrin, but he was quite a trooper and didn't complain.  When we were shown out to the back deck we were seated right next to a group of four.  At first it seemed a little awkward because we could hear their conversation and they could hear ours, but then I noticed they were speaking Italian!  We were sitting next to the chef and his wife (owners of the restaurant) and his parents.  I guess they were having an early dinner outside on the porch before the place got busy.  It was kind of funny because after we ordered he would disappear for a minute and then our salads would show up.  Then he would just meander on back over to sit down.  He also commented positively on our wine selection - which I know nothing about so I was pretty happy we fooled him.

Anyway, dinner was fantastic and by the time we left the place was packed with people sitting shoulder to shoulder - not hard to imagine because the inside is very small.
I'll leave you with this picture of our awesome dessert.  Definitely the best cheesecake I've ever had.


Dorothy said...

What a wonderful place! That dessert looks fabulous!

Patty said...

Oh my gosh - that cheesecake looks to die for! So glad you got to experience some fine dining!!

maggie said...

what an awesome evening! i love that you were chilling next to the chef's family! and that dessert looks absolutely amazing :)

jennie said...

that looks amazing! way to go farmville!

Liz said...

that looks delicious! i'm glad you got to experience a different side of farmville :)