Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring

We had quite a storm last night.  We lost cable and internet for a few hours and I'm sure if we weren't on the hospital's grid then we would have lost power, too.  While we were pulling up to the house after work it started sprinkling and was really coming down by the time we got inside.  I ran right to the window to watch the sky darken and the storm begin when BANG!!!

Scared you, didn't I? Thought so. 

Well it scared me completely.  The shutter on our windows had gotten loose and flung themselves open.
Now, I grew up in a house with fake shutters.  The kind that couldn't cover the window even if it was possible to close them because together they're only half the width of the window; the kind of shutters that are permanently affixed to the side of the house.  So I've never dealt with this before.  I started freaking out that since our windows are from circa WWII, we might actually need to "batten down the hatches" and shutter all our windows!

Since we're missing a shutter on one side of our house we decided against it and Chris just headed out to try to reattach the shutter to the side of the house.
And just for a little perspective - these pictures were taken around 4:45 in the afternoon.  See how dark it got outside??  There are felled trees and branches all over the place today...
Hopefully for the rest of the storms this spring our shutters can hang on.  It was pretty scary to hear them flapping in the breeze - I thought they'd be torn clear off!


jennie said...

goodness gracious that's an intense storm! i've never experience shutters that could actually close either!

Liz said...

that is crazy! we had a storm last night too, but thankfully no banging shutters. fingers crossed that we'll all get some sunshine soon :)

maggie said...

wow! what a crazy storm! the weather here has been wacky too... i got pelted by huge hail chunks after work last week! hope you got those hatches battened down :)