Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The shower

This weekend we had a wedding shower for our friends.  It turned out to be so much fun, and with a lot of hands making light work it makes me want to plan parties with these people every weekend!

It was a great excuse for everyone to get together and enjoy a nice, but sporadically rainy weekend.  I volunteered to do desserts because I love to bake (who doesn't love to eat cookie dough and cake batter??) and I had a great time planning and executing that.

We were able to hang out outside and get some grilling done while playing a few yard games before the drizzle started.

My favorite part of the shower was playing a fun trivia game where we got to laugh and learn a few random things about our friends.
I really have nothing else to say except that it was a blast, and we were really thankful that Ashley and Alex could fly out to Virginia before the wedding for the occasion!

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jennie said...

that was so fun! and katie awesome job on the desserts. those cupcakes were amazing!!