Monday, June 21, 2010

Plymouth and its Rock

We went to Plymouth one morning while we were up in New England so we could see Plymouth Rock where the pilgrims landed in 1620.  I had been told the rock wasn't that big or impressive so I had low expectations heading out.  The rock was lowered into this sort of cage and had 1620 imprinted on it.  Cool enough, I thought!  What else can you expect of a rock?

We also found the memorial for the old burying ground where most of the pilgrims who died during the first year were buried.

Then we walked around trying to find any pilgrims or indians we could learn about.  There seemed to be tons of statues of pilgrims and indians in Plymouth.  Below is a picture of me and William Bradford, first govenor of the Plymouth Colony and one of Chris and Massasoit.  Massasoit was the leader of the Pokanoket.  You may be more familiar with Samoset - the messenger of Massasoit who first approached the pilgrims three months after they landed.  I think Samoset helped arrange the first meeting between Massasoit and the pilgrims.

We also saw the Mayflower (actually the Mayflower II).  The Mayflower II is a reproduction of the Mayflower and it sailed across the ocean in 1957. 

We still had a bit of time after seeing all the historical things we could see so we decided to head out on this rocky jetty they had.  It was really long and curved out across and wrapped around the water.  By the time you got to the end you had an awesome view of Plymouth's shoreline.
It was a great little side trip for a day while we were up there!


LA-jan said...

Great pictures! Yes, Plymouth rock does not look impressive. Neither does the govenor; looks like a midget compared to the Indian leader!

jennie said...

i always thought it was a giant rock jutting out of the coastline! disappointing.

Stina said...

I don't think I would want to sail across the ocean in that ship...something tells me I'd get a little queasy!