Saturday, June 19, 2010

Public Gardens and Boston Harbor

Our next stop in Boston was the Public Gardens.  They were beautiful!

There was a statue of one of our nation's founding fathers - George Washington.

We also checked out a few famous locations including the bench that Robin Williams and Matt Damon sat on in Good Will Hunting and the bar from the tv show Cheers.

There was a nesting swan nearby that I took a picture of and then tried to steer clear.  I hear they go into fighting mode if you get too close, but it was very cool to see.

We also got to see the statue based off the book Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.  It was really cute!  I couldn't get a good picture because there were kids all over it, but enjoy the portion that I did get :)  There was even a grandfather who brought the book and his kid along to read to him next to the statue.

Later that day we visited the Boston Harbor (as in the Boston Tea Party).

Chris' family downloaded a walking tour of the harbor (and the gardens too, actually!) to an iphone, so we got a guided tour.  We got to start out with good old Christopher Columbus, who thought he found India in 1492.

The iphone tour was a really interesting and great way to see the harbor and learn some interesting information!


Dorothy said...

Love the iphone tour idea. How nice you were able to spend some wonderful time with Chris's family. You've sold me - I would love to take a visit to Boston someday!

Patty said...

I've always loved that bridge in the Public Gardens...always reminded me of a Parisian bridge! I used to walk through there 2 nights/week when I was working and had to get to my German classes. In your last picture, I swear that is the same bench I was sitting on when I had just gotten word that I was off to Freiburg. The iphone tour is an AMAZING idea!

Rob said...

Did you guys go in and get a beer at Cheers??

jennie said...

do they have any old replica boats from the Boston Tea Party days?

Katie said...

Rob - no, we didn't go in! Just saw the outside. I heard you and Chris did while you were up there though!

Jennie - yes, they have the USS Constitution

jennie said...

sweet! that's awesome!