Friday, June 4, 2010

Virginia Beach

We decided to take a mini-vacation this week, so I've been a little disconnected for the last two days.  Now it's time to check back in, catch up on emails, and organize some pictures!  In the meantime, here's our end of week excursion in a nutshell, and I'll try to post more pictures this weekend.

Chris had a golf tournament to play in on Thursday in VA Beach, so Lauren drove down Wednesday night to come along, hang out, and keep me company.  We jumped in the car and drove down to the beach!

We checked into our sweet ocean-front hotel,

and hit the beach where we were greeted by dolphins!  Their fins may be too small to see in this picture, but there were tons of them!

We thankfully had fantastic weather despite all the thunderstorm warnings.  The first rain I felt was today as we were getting in the car to head home.
I've got more pictures to share, but I've been worn out by the sun and don't feel like putting them on the computer tonight, so enjoy these for now :)


LA-jan said...

Looks so fun! I need me some BEACH!

Patty said...

Great pics. makes me miss VA Beach - at least that end, anyway.

jennie said...

yay what a fun trip!! glad you guys had good weather!

Dorothy said...

So nice you got to take a mini vacation!