Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bullet Trap

My uncle and his family own an indoor shooting range and store called the Bullet Trap.  While we were visiting, they took us to the store and gave us a little tour! 

They let us all check out some of their merchandise :)  I thought some of these guns were fake at first because they looked plastic!  Obviously, they weren't.
Don't worry - none of them were loaded.  Otherwise I would be very afraid if I were you!

Then my uncle Matthew pulled out some bullets that had been shot underwater to see how they would expand.  Jessie's first reaction to the bullet in the first picture was that she could use it to make herself a pair of earrings :)  It does look like a flower.  The second one looks a bit more jagged...

We loved visiting and really appreciated getting to see their place!
Thanks for having us!!


jennie said...

nice! did you get to shoot at all on the shooting range?

Liz said...

what a catchy name! i feel like it could be very scary and fun to shoot at an indoor range.


i like your map application!

Empire Falls and Same Kind of Different as Me are two of my favorite books. Hope you enjoy them.